Sermon Notes 10/19 – The Last Days

Isaiah 13:13 AND 2 Thessalonians 2:1-7
-the Lord is shaking everything
-the church is a restraining force
       2 Thessalonians 2:1-7
verse 1 – COMING – this is the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ
             – GATHERING To HIM – this is the rapture of the church
***Jesus is returning to the Mount of Olives – Acts 1:9-11
verse 2 – Do not be shaken  – the church does not have to be shaken
-the Thessalonians were told the Lord had come back and they were left behind
verse 3 – Let not one person
deceive – refers to planets that are off course and out of orbit
***2 Things must happen before the return of the Lord returns:
-a falling away – more and more people not wanting Christianity or Jesus
-the antichrist will appear
    * he will be a man
    * he will have evil and wicked character – the man of sin
-the son of perdition – it means he is doomed to destruction in the lake of fire
verse 3 – revealed – means to take the lid off or lift up the curtain at a specific time
verse 4 – opposes – to be completely against & will never end
verse 5 – remember the words of the Lord through Paul about the last days
verse 6 – restraining – means to hold something down and back
-holding back sin, eveil, wickedness and demonic oppression
-the restraining force is working today
verse 7 – the restraining force will only restrain for so long
-the restraining force is the church of Jesus Christ
-the restraining force will be removed at the rapture
-the restraining force is not the Holy Spirit
-the Holy Spirit is God, is eternal and is everywhere all of the time -= Psalm 139:7-14…..Hebrews 9:14
***The church restrains evil through prayer – Crying out Prayer…
-the church is holding back a complete and total takeover
-we cry out to the Lord because it is scriptural – Psalm 88:1-2,13/102:1-2/119:145-147
              We need to cry out to the Lord in prayer…..
      1. Because of the times we are living in – 2 tim 3:1-9 & 1 Chr 12:32
      2. Because the Lord limits Himself to our prayers – Matthew 7:7-8
-when we pray the Lord moves & when we don’t pray the Lord does not move


We must continually cry out o the Lord – Luke 11:5-8
-Matthew 7:7-8 – keep praying until the Lord answers