Sermon Notes 10/12 – The Shaking of the Last Days

2 Thessalonians 2:1-5
Isaiah 13:13
Mark 13:24-26
-there will be many shakings in the last days – continually
-Israel in the scriptures – Matthew 24:90-13 and Ezekiel 38:1-17, 23
    ***The Lord fights for Israel
    ***The Lord does not lose one of His people – Amos 9:9
-shakings are here to stay
         How do we make it through these shakings?
1. By having white knuckles – Prov 4:13
-this is holding on to the Word of God and not letting go
2. Take a walk – Galatians 5:16
-this is spending time with Jesus on a daily basis
                 Who is the Lord shaking?
—the Lord is shaking Israel  – Zech 12:1 & 13:1
       *the shaking is to get Israel saved
—The Lord is shaking  the church
        *the Lord is telling us something os getting ready to close – the church age
      THE CHURCH IS A RESTRAINING FORCE – 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12
verse 3 – man of sin and son of destruction – evil & wicked character and refers to destruction and being ruined
-revealed – there will be a specific time when the antichrist will come forth
verse 4 – opposes – to be continually against
verse 5 – never forget what you have been told
verse 6 – restrains – to hold something down and back – it is active now
verse 7 – there is a time limit upon the restraining force – it will be gone one day
-this is the church
-the restraining force is not the Holy Spirit
         ***The Holy Spirit is God and is everywhere at once
***The church restrains evil and wickedness & the total takeover of demon powers
a. there is a devil and demons – Matthew 4:1,23-25
b. we see the works and effects of evil
         ***The solution is Crying Out To The Lord In Prayer***
-Crying out prayer is Biblical – we follow the Word of God
-Crying out to the Lord is humility – we desperate need Jesus
-Crying out to the Lord is obedience
-Crying out prayer produces answered prayer – the more we cry out, the more that prayers are answered