Sermon Notes 1/8 – Ephesians

Verse One
       The Author – The Apostle Paul
Saul – his Jewsih name meaning to ask or party
Paul – his gentile name meaning little or small
Apostle – one sent out on a special mission – Paul’s mission was to tell the gentiles about Jesus
Written To: Saints – means holy and set apart ones
Key Word in Ephesians – IN (In Christ)
SIT – Chapters 1-3
WALK – Chapters 4-5
STAND – Chapter 6
SIT – Ephesians 2:6 – 3 Chapters – Chapters 1-3
-Christianity starts off with sitting – knowing our position in Christ
-sitting is emphasized for 3 chapters
-Christianity does not start with a DO, but with a DONE – what Jesus has done for us
-sitting is resting in Jesus and discovering who we are in Him
WALK – Ephesians 4:1 & 5:2 – this is our daily life with Jesus – 2 Chapters – Chapters 4 and 5
-our conduct and behavior
-this is doing and effort
-sin and issues decrease
STAND – Ephesians 6:11,13,14 – One Chapter – Chapter 6
-this is our place of victory over the enemy
1. The first step is receiving salvation
-we receive the Holy Spirit
2. The 2nd step is receiving every spiritual blessing in Christ – Eph 1:3
-spiritual blessings are the richest of God’s grace – Eph 1:6…2:7 & 3:8
-the riches are who we are in Christ – we are holy, victorious and an overcomer
We have nothing to do with either step.  The Lord gives them to every believer because of His love and Kindness
Jesus only deserves praise for what He has done – Eph 1:6…1:12…1:14
FEELINGS BASED – who we are in Christ is not based on our feelings
BEHAVIOR BASED – who we are in Christ is not based on our behavior
PERFORMANCE BASED – our identity and who we are in Christ is not based on our performance in any way
v4 – chosen
v7 – redeemed
v7 – forgiven
-Identity Theft (the enemy) is all around us – but the Word of God declares our true indentity