Sermon Notes 1/27 – The Holy Spirit

 4 Characteristics of the Holy Spirit

1. Regeneration————-salvation and life
2. Anointing —————-Service
3. Filled—————–Christian Character and Fruit
4. Baptism——————-Power
(1.) The Definition of Anointing – it means to contact, apply, smear or rub with oil
a. the anointing of the Holy Spirit is the presence of the Lord – Acts 10:38
doing good – means to bestow a benefit and is heaven sent power
Luke 4:16-21 – the anointing of the Holy Spirit is what brings a breakthrough
-Jesus Himself ministered under the anointing of the Holy Spirit
***What the anointing of the Holy Spirit accomplishes in Luke 4:16-21:
v18 – preach the gospel to the poor – these are people who need to be saved
       – heal the broken hearted – hearts are broken because of sin
       – deliverance and the captives – oppression from the enemy
       -Given sight to the blind – physical and spiritual blindness is lifted
(2.) The Anointing of the Holy Spirit is for everyone – 2 Cor 1:21-22
         a. God has anointed us
         b. we receive the Holy Spirit
         c. we are sealed by the Holy Spirit
-sealed refers to ownership and a completed transaction
(3.) We need to desire the anointing of the Holy Spirit – Ps 42:1 & 16:11
a. we need to desire Jesus and most of all
***How can we see an increase in the Anointing of the Holy Spirit?
1. Develop a life of practicing the Spiritual Disciplines – Gal 5:16
-fresh bread is needed every day
2. Serve – 1 Peter 4:7-11
3. Live For Jesus – Psalm 51:1-12
-the anointing can lift off a believer who lives in sin
4. Give in to the Voice of the Lord – 1 John 2:27-28
-the anointing teaches us
***We can refuse and stifle the anointing of the Holy Spirit – Revelation 3:20
1. You can be saved, but not anointed – Romans 8:9-11
2. We do not have to be perfect to be anointed – Romans 7:15
-we are all unfinished works