Sermon Notes 1/25 – Mark

***The gospel was going to be revealed through the ministry of John the Baptist
-gospel – means good news
verse 2 – behold – speaks of getting someones attention
-John was a messenger
-the church are the messengers today
-the church is to preach the gospel
-the gospel is found in 1 Corinthians 15:1-5
I SEND – the Lord is sending this messenger to say what He says
My MESSENGER – just a man called by God
-do not worship the messenger/worship the one who sent the messenger
verse 7 – John was called to point to Jesus – John 1:29-34
vs2-3 – to prepare the way of the Lord
-to return to the ways of the Lord
-means Jesus is the only way – John 14:6
-to prepare people for His return
verse 3 – people are prepared for the Lord because of a VOICE
-a voice is verbal – Isaiahn 58:1— 1 Peter 3:15
-a voice is among unbelievers
verse 3 – CRYING – means to shout and cry aloud – it refers to speaking up
-John 3:7-20
Wilderness – a lonely, desolate, dry and uninhabited  area
-refers to being dry spiritually
-this speaks of a level road and getting your life straightened out – Acts 9:11
verse 4 – John – means the Lord is gracious
—John came baptizing – to immerse; get fully wet; to be overwhelmed
—John came preaching – speaks of passion and excitement and emotion
               -repentance – means to change your mind///stop doing what you are doing – an action and an invitation from the Lord
               -repentance produces remission – means to put something away
verse 5 – there was a steady stream of people coming to see John
-went out to him is continual
confessing their sins – means to agree with someone /to say the same thing that someone says
verse 6 – Simplicity – Matthew 11:7-11 – John’s Dress and Food
-John was warning us of the danger of MORE…….
-Only Jesus Christ will satisfy