Sermon Notes 1/2 – Encounter

Jesus Encounter

Luke 8:26-39

Things to know about demons…

  • They can NOT live inside a born again believer

  • They can oppress you, lie to you..

  • Demons KNOW who JESUS is!!!

John 10:10

Abundantly- superabundance excessive overflowing over and above more than enough.. above ordinary.

The Enemy has 3 Line of Attack

Isolate you

lie to you

Look to self

John 8:44


JESUS has Authority over DEMONS!!!

The goal of the enemy  is to keep you from Encountering JESUS!

This man Encountered Jesus and His life changed FOREVER

Luke 8: 35

  1. A Jesus Encounter always produces Change!

  • It is impossible for God to do nothing.

  • HE is always moving and when he touches a life it changes

  • Jesus encounter saves us time… save us mistakes… save us heartache

  • It can change our career… give us Purpose!


A Jesus encounter can set you on the path the Lord wanted all along.

Psalms 34:10

A Jesus Encounter can take a impossible situation and make it possible.

A poll found that 70 percent of people who have decided to follow Jesus had some kind of supernatural experience

Encounters with Jesus confirm decisions

Encounter Jesus and you do it often you will NOT miss out on the supernatural ways the Lord wants to use you

He is the one who can give us the POWER to do only what He would do through the POWER that comes through the Holy Spirit!

Mathew 11:28-30

This man Encounters Jesus and goes from a MAD man… angry…isolated… a man at REST, PEACE, CONTENT and completely in his RIGHT Mind!

Jesus always starts at impossible he is a supernatural God!

Encounters with JESUS can keep us in our RIGHT MIND!

Right Mind- to be sound mind, sane, self-controlled, disciplined, able to reason. The word describes our behavior and attitude as we approach the end of the age

A Jesus Encounter keep us keep the main thing the main thing

Luke 8: 38-39

This man after Encountering Jesus didn’t want to leave Jesus!

Encountering Jesus helps us to keep the right perspective

Encountering Jesus helps us to have our priorities in LINE

When we Encounter Jesus we have to share Him so others can Encounter Him Too

There is POWER in OUR STORY!!!

How do we ENCOUNTER JESUS? For this man He was at the right place at the right time!!! YOU ARE TOO

You cant take people to places you haven’t gone

Recognize where He is at work in your life right now


Talk to Him all throughout the day

Ask him to give you eyes to see

Listen and Pay attention…

Listen to the places the Holy Spirit is leading you… pay attention to life that is going on all around you.

He is speaking he is always moving he is always at work