Sermon Notes 1/18 – Mark Chapter One

Gospel – means good news
verse 2 – as it is written in the prophets – Isaiah 40:3-5
-700 years before Jesus arrived
-John the Baptist arrives on the scene
-400 years of silence between Malachi & Matthew
-there has to be training to be a servant – the theme of Mark is servanthood – Mt 20:28
John had a divine appointment, but divine appointments need divine preparation
Behold – means to get someone’s attention
-the body of Christ are the messengers today
-the gospel – i Cor 15:1-5
I Send – the Lord sent John to be a spokesman for Him
My Messenger – the messenger was just a man
-never worship a man
Before your face – John would arrive ahead of Jesus
verse 7 – John always points to Jesus – John 1:29-34 – Jesus is God
To prepare the way of the Lord  vs2-3 – used twice
-it means to return to the ways of the Lord
-it means Jesus is the only way
-to get people ready for the return of Jesus
Voice – verse 3 –  we are called to be a voice – Isaiah 58:1
     -voice is being verbal – 1 Peter 3:15
     -Voice among unbelievers
-Be on guard concerning witnessing wars…
ONE – It is hard to kill a voice
Crying – means to shout and cry outloud
     —refers to us speaking up
Wilderness – signifies a lonely, desolate, uninhabited place – a spiritual wilderness
Make His Paths Straight – Jesus came to straighten out our lives
-speaks of having a level path to walk on
John – means the Lord is gracious
-John was ushering in a new dispensation – grace
baptizing – means to immerse…overwhelm…fully wet
John came preaching – is a word of passion & emotion
—it is proclaiming the news of a King
Repentance – means to change your mind which changes your actions
Remission – means to put something away
verse 5  – went out to Jesus – this is continuous
confessing – which means to agree with the Lord/to say the same thing the Lord says
verse 6 – SIMPLICITY – Johns Dress And Food
Dress – this is what John wore daily/nothing special about his wardrobe
Food – locusts – baked and seasoned to eat
         -real honey from bees
THE DANGER OF MORE – Matthew 11:8
-what we need is more of Jesus..