Sermon Notes 1/16 – Mark 2

MARK 2:1-12

4 Men, the paralytic and an Encounter with Jesus

***To have a supernatural spiritual Bible Encounter, we need several things:


  1. We need Jesus and His presence – v1

-Jesus was in the house


  1. We need the Word of God – Mark 2:1-2
  2. we need to read it…memorize it…practice it

-it is God’s Word.  The Lord wrote it and read the Word more than anything else



  1. we need to preach the Word of God – Acts 20:30 – all of it


Preach – means to proclaim…announce the good news with the purpose to evangelize

-it speaks of not being silent


Word – is logos here which is informational

Rhema – is when the Word becomes alive

-We need to preach all of the Word of God

-Be Cautious of the Word Positive

-1 Cor 2:4

-The Word of God is connected to bones and the Holy Spirit – Ezekiel 37:1-6

***Dry bones can become wet with the Word and the Holy Spirit

***Paralytic bones can be healed through the Word and the Spirit



  1. We must Preach the Word we must Find the Word of God – 2 Kings 21:19-22

-Israel had forsaken the Lord and His Word——-

-Josiah became king and they cleaned out the temple of idols & false gods——-


-God’s Word was written by God

-God’s Word is enough – this is called the sufficiency of scripture – the scriptures contain everything we need for the knowledge of salvation and godly living


-do not add anything new or take away anything – Rev 22:18-19 & Prov 30:5-6


d.The Word of God Helps Us Never To Be Deceived – Matthew 24:5,11 & 23

Deception – means to roam away from the truth & safety/to wander and go astray/It refers to planets being out of orbit which will cause chaos & destruction


We can defeat deception by knowing the Word of God…….