Sermon Notes 1/15 – Ephesians

Sit – chapters 1-3 – know who you are in Christ
Walk – chapters 4-5 – living for Jesus/.our walk in the Lord
Stand – chapter 6 – Stand against the enemy
The introduction of Ephesians
v1 – the author – Paul
v1 – written to – the saints at Ephesus
v2 – Greeting – Grace and Peace
-Grace is mentioned first referring to the fact that we are saved by grace
-The result of salvation is:
             ***Becoming Faithful
             ***Receiving Supernatural Peace
Ephesians 1:3
-The Lord has blessed us in 2 ways:
    ***Salvation by grace through faith – Ephesians 2:8-9
    ***Every Spiritual Blessing in Christ – Eph 1:5
Blessed – means to celebrate with praise – Eph 1:6…1:12…1:14
Our identity in Christ is not performance Based.  But based on grace…
I am Loved by Jesus
I am Accepted by Jesus
I am in Christ and He is for me
I am constantly receiving God’s favor
            First Samuel 17:20-25a
-the enemy wants to steal our identity,  our position in Christ and out spiritual blessings
-Giants tried to steal David’s identity/ the enemy attacks our identity
John 10:10 – type the entire verse out…