Sermon Notes 1/12 – The Last Days

-2 Tim 3:1 – the last days will be difficult times
difficult – means hard to deal with; dangerous;savage
-Matt 8:28 – the same word is used here to describe demonic activity
-the last days began at the ascension of Jesus – Acts 1:9-11
        ***The body of Christ must stay on fire for Jesus
        ***The body of Christ must be praying
        ***The body of Christ must not become scoffers – 2 Peter 3:1-12
Remember: the Lord limits Himself to the prayers of the church.  He is also Sovereign – Psalm 115:3 & 135:6…
                                                   2 Peter 3:1
                                       Do Not Become A Scoffer
verse 1
-Peter reminds his readers that Jesus is coming back soon
-1 Thess 2:1-5…John 16:3…2 Peter 1:12-15 – reminders of Jesus coming
stir up – means to wake up/to wake fully
pure mind – shake everything out of your mind anything against the return of Jesus
verse 2 – Galatians 1:6-10
-false teachings & prophets will arise in the last days against the return of Jesus
verse 3 – knowing this first – means to experience something
scoffer  – to treat lightly…laugh and smirk…ridicule
verse 4 – the argument of the scoffer
-walk among believers and the culture to stand against the coming of Jesus
-coming is a personal appearance – Revelation 1:7
verses 5-7 – God’s judgement will come again as it did in Noah’s day
verses 8-9 – why is there a delay in Jesus coming?
-the Lord is patient and He wants as many people to get saved as possible
verses 10, 12 – The Day of the Lord –
-this is the return of Jesus and it is certain to happen
-the heavens will pass away – not annihilated, but changed by fire
-some believers feel these verses refer to nuclear war
-the works – these are the works of humanity – buildings and cities
verse 11 – things will be dissolved – means they will able to be restored
-we should live a godly life and live for Jesus knowing the return of the Lord is happening very very soon
holy – a separated life from sin
verse 12 – looking for – means to wait on and expect
-hastening – this speaks of being involved in the harvest which makes time go fast
verse 13 – the return of the Lord is a promise – John 14:1-3
-The Lord will make a new heaven and a new earth