Sermon Notes 1/11 – Mark 1

verse 1 – Marks name is not mentioned as the author – he is just a servant – 2 Tim 4:11
—the theme of Mark is Jesus the Servant – Mark 20:28
—Mark is one of the synoptic gospels – means to see together (Matt, Mark & Luke)
The Beginning – means the origin, first and source
1. The origin and source of the gospel is Jesus.  He wrote the Bible
2. Mark is the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ
            The gospel is good news – 1 Cor 15:1-4
            The gospel is all about Jesus Christ
       ***He is the Son of God
                         —4 Sonships
Son of Abraham – refers to Jesus being Jewish
Son of David – Jesus is King
Son of Man – Jesus is a human
Son of God – Jesus Christ is God
(John 1:1,14…John 5:18…John 20:24-27)
***Jesus means Savior…salvation…Jehovah saves
***Christ – means the anointed one – Luke 4:16-21
              The gospel was going to be revealed through the ministry of John the Baptist
verse 2 – as it is written in the prophets – refers to the OT & Is 40:3-5
Behold – the Lord is trying to get our attention – He sent a messenger to earth
I Send – the Lord is sending a messenger to Israel & the world
Before your face – face to face and eye to eye evangelism is needed today
prepare the way of the Lord – used twice in vs 2-3
-getting people ready for the return of the Lord and to be saved
Be A Voice…Isaiah 58:1 – being a voice is verbal – 1 Peter 3:15
                     -Come out of your safe zone-
One – the influence of one person is important – it’s hard to kill a voice
crying – refers to speaking up
wilderness – signifies a lonely, desolate uninhabited place that needs some living water
Make His paths straight – means to make ones path level
-it refers to straightening out our lives
verse 4  – John – means the Lord is gracious
-John was ushering in a new dispensation – the dispensation of grace – from law to grace
John came baptizing – means to be overwhelmed/immersed/fully wet
***John’s baptism was a result of people repenting of their sins
John came preaching – is a word of passion & emotion that proclaims the kings news
    ***Repentance – means to change your mind…turn from your sins & to the Lord
    ***Repentance produces remission – forgiveness of our sins – means to put something away
    ***Repentance is an invitation – everyone is invited
verse 5  – people continually came to hear John
confessing their sins – agreeing with God/saying the same thing the Lord says
-we know what sin is by what the Word says sin is – Ephesians 4:25-32
v6 – Johns dress and Food – John was a simple man who lived a simple life – Matthew 11:7-11
-a coat made out of camels hair with a belt
-insects – locusts – baked and ground up ans seasoned
Honey – real honey from bees