V7 – Behold – means to get everyone’s attention because something is about to happen
a. Jesus is coming back
b. Do  not be a mocker – 2 Peter 2:3-10
c. Jesus is coming with the clouds
-this represents the glory and manifest presence of the Lord
-Matthew 24:29-31
d. Every eye will see Him
-because of His presence and technology
e. Mourn – because this is judgment time
verse 8 – I Am – reveals that Jesus Christ is God
Ex 3:14 & John 8:58
Alpha & Omega – the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet
-this reveals Jesus Christ as always existed
The Almighty – the Sovereign God and speaks of His power
-His power can change things
verse 9 – John – means the Lord is gracious
1. John was a brother and fellow partner in the ministry
-this speaks of being part owner and stockholder
-this is our church
2. John knew trouble and pressure – v9
-Doing what is right does not mean everything goes right
-John was banished to the island of Patmos for preaching the Word and not worshipping Caesar
-patience – John did not allow anything to stop him until he breathed his last breath
v10 – In The Spirit – this is a prophetic vision
-this happened on the Lord’s day which is a Sunday
-alot happens on Sunday that doesn’t happen on any other day – Acts 2
v11 – The Lord told John to write Revelation – Biblion – the Bible
-the Lord has always existed and is with us
-7 is God’s number………6 is mans number
*7 speaks of completion
-7 represents the complete history of the church
1. Ephesus – Apostolic Church Age
2. Smyrna – Persecuted Church Age
3. Pergamos – Imperial Church Age
4. Thyatira – Dark or Middle Ages
5. Sardis – The Reformation
6. Philadelphia – Modern Church Age
7. Laodicea – Present Church Age
v12 – 7 lampstands – represents the 7 churches – let your light shine – Matt 5:14-16
v13 – Jesus is in the middle of the church
-the church and Christianity is all about Jesus
Vs13-16 – A Description of Jesus Christ
1. Jesus wears a robe and a golden sash –
-this speaks of intercession – 1 Tim 2:4-6 & Is 59:12
-the Lord stands in the gap for the sins of mankind
2. His head and hair are white like wool – v14
white – refers to blazing and glowing white light
-this refers to purity and holiness
-holiness is not sinning
3. His eyes are like a flame of fire – v14
-this fire is like 2 laser beams that penetrate our hearts and minds and lives
-it represents seeing everything and the conviction of sin
4. His feet are like brass – v15
-Brass speaks of the judgment of God
-it is always right and about sin and not people
-judgment is only for unbelievers – 1 Thess 5:19 & 1:10
-judgment will be announced – His voice is like the sound of many waters which speaks of power and authority
5. His countenance is like the sun – v16
-this represents the presence and glory of God
v17  – John crumbles as He sees the Lord
Do not be afraid
-advance boldly when it comes to fear
v18 – Jesus is alive
-Jesus has all authority and power over the invisible world, and over death where believers can live forever
v19 – verse 19 gives the outline of the Book of the Revelation
1. Chapter one – the things which you have seen
2. Chapters 2-3 – The things which are
3. Chapters 4-22 – The things which will take place (future)
verse 20 – The 7 Stars – are the pastors of the 7 churches
-pastors and leaders are in the hands of the Lord……..
-pray for leaders and the Lord will take care of them