The Seal Judgments
SEAL #2 – THE RED HORSE – Rev 6:3-4
v3 – Jesus opens the second seal
     – Come – summoning the the rider of the red horse
v4 – this represents bloodshed and war
-wars and terrorism
-Luke 21:7-10
-wars affect the food supply and economy
-This horse represents Famine and Financial Issues
-Come – a summons for this rider to come forth
– the scales have to do with economics and measuring food – food rationing
verse 6 – the amount of food purchased will be enough for one person to eat one meal a day
***Believers have a promise – Psalm 33:18-19
***the oil and the wine represents the wealthy. They can pay the higher prices
-This horse represents DEATH…….
-great death comes to earth through sickness…wild animals…hunger…war
-hell follows right behind death and swallows up those who are not saved
-people are still being saved at the same time
altar – this is a place of sacrifice
-this refers to the people being killed during the tribulation
v10 – how long before the final judgment happens?  (Revelation 20:11-15)
v11 – white – refers to purity & righteousness
       – they will have to wait a little bit longer for the final judgment to occur
vs12-13 – the sun, moon and stars all fall.  They were gods of this culture
-stars falling also represents meteorites falling to earth from the atmosphere
v`14 – changes in the earth’s topography happens – Isaiah 13:9-13
vs15-17 – these verses reveal the reaction of people on earth
              – they are afraid of a Lamb/another chance from the Lord for people to be saved
              v17 – God’s wrath  – is based on the decisions of people
                                      REVELATION SEVEN
verse 1 – After this – this shows that the book of Revelation is a book in order of events that will happen.
angels hold back the judgment of God for awhile which are called the 4 Winds of the Earth…It’s a TIME OUT from the Lord…
Angel – means messenger
-angels were all created by the Lord at one time
-angels are all male in gender
-angels minister to believers
-angels are used to protect us
-angels can only be bossed around by the Lord
vs2-3 – another angel – there are multitudes of angels – billions & billions of them
Seal – this happens at salvation and means the Lord owns us and everything we have
vs4-8 – 144,000 Jewish people are saved during the tribulation period
-they preach the gospel of the zkingdom
-this happens during the time out, but people are saved all throughout the 7 year tribulation period
v9 – when the judgment of God stops for a period of time – evangelism is at full throttle
White Robes – represents purity & righteousness
Palm Branches – represents Victory
v10 – this takes place in heaven & is a time of praise & worship
-this praise is constant and unceasing
-it is loud because of the great joy of being saved
v11 – worship – means to be deserving
v12 – the amen is a response to what was stated in v10 that only Jesu sis the one true and living God and the only one who can save us
A 7-Fold praise is offered to the Lord….