Chapter 6
                                The 7 Seal Judgments
v1 – Lamb  – means a gentle, kind, gracious and tender pet lamb
-the judgments of God are starting to be poured out.  They do not change who He is…
-Romans 2:4
-the Lord must judge sin, but NOW it is time…Esther 4:14
***IT is time for the Tribulation to start:
-7 years of judgment will be poured out on the earth
-7 years to deal with Israel to be saved
-7 years for anyone to be saved
-7 years until Jesus returns to earth
Come and See – this is a call for the seal judgments to begin
                    SEAL #1 – THE WHITE HORSE – REVELATION 6:1-2
-this is the antichrist and not Jesus Christ
-he is a counterfeiter –
Example:  Ex 7:8-13 – Moses and Pharoahs magicians
                 -the false prophet brings fire down from heaven in Revelation
***A Counterfeit Peace is revealed here
-a bow without an arrow – represents peace
-a white horse – represents peace
                   ***YOU CAN CONQUER BY WAR OR PEACE***
CROWN – the antichrist will rule over a group of nations
-he will come out of the middle east
-he brings a false peace to the world
                   SEAL #2 – THE RED HORSE – REVELATION 6:3-4
v3 – Come – the next horse rider is asked to come forward
v4 – the fiery red horse symbolizes bloodshed and war
-Luke 21: 7-10
-current wars and terrorism
-wars hurt the food supply
                      SEAL #3 – THE BLACK HORSE – REVELATION 6:5-6
-This represents famine and financial issues
-the scales have to do with economics & the measuring of food to give out.  This represents food rationing
-the amount of food purchased in v6 will only be enough to feed one person
-believers have a promise – Psalm 33:18-19………
-the oil and the wine refers to the wealthy who will have enough money to pay for almost anything even during a recession or depression
              ***FINANCIAL ISSUES
-very high inflation will take place
-a cashless society will happen
-this is all to set the stage for the antichrist system to control people through commerce and financial transactions.
                   SEAL #4 – A PALE HORSE – DEATH – REVELATION 6:7-8
—a great amount of death comes upon planet earth
—one quarter of the earths population dies
*disease…hunger…war…wild animals
—hell follows right behind death and swallows up the unbelievers
—people are still being saved while all of this is happening
                   SEAL #5 – MARTYRDOM – REVELATION 6:9-11
Verse 9 – altar – is a place of sacrifice
-this refers to the people being killed during the 7 year tribulation period
-persecution of the church and opposition to the church will continue to increase
v10 – How long before the final judgment of God take place?
-this is the great white throne judgment in Revelation 20:11-15
v11 – white – speaks of purity and righteousness
-they are immediately in the presence of the Lord – 2 Corinthians 5:8
-they will have to wait until the tribulation ends
              SEAL #6 – GREAT EARTHQUAKE – REVELATION 6:12-17
vs12-13 – the sun, moon and star are all affected as they were gods that were worshipped at this time by many people.  They all fall….
-the star falling also represents a meteorite falling to earth
v14 – there is a complete change to the topography of the earth
vs15-17 – the reaction of the people on earth when this all happens
*Isaiah 13:9-13
-the world is hiding from a Lamb!!!