***Jesus Christ is worshipped as Redeemer in Revelation chapter 5…….
v1 – this is God the father on the throne
Father – means one who protects, nourishes and upholds
-He is the only one true and living God
Right Hand – represents strength, power, protection, love and grace
A Scroll – words written on both sides of it and it is sealed with 7 seals
          The Scroll is the title deed of the earth – given to man and forfeited to satan when man sinned…Earth has to be restored back to the Lord….
A Strong Angel Makes A Proclamation
Proclaim – means to speak loudly…shouting out news
-the search is on for someone to take the scroll and open the seals
vs3-4 – no one comes forward and John begins to weep
elders – all born again believers in heaven
-this is all taking place in heaven and is in the future
-there is someone who is worthy to take the scroll and His name is Jesus Christ
                2 NAMES FOR JESUS CHRIST – v5
          1. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah – refers to the strength and power of a lion
          2. The Root of David – refers to Jesus being from the lineage of King David
v6 – Jesus is in the midst of heaven and is the center of attention
-7 horns – represents strength and power
7 speaks of completeness and Jesus has complete power and strength
7 spirits of God – are the 7 qualities of the Holy Spirit in Isaiah 11:1-3
v7 – Jesus takes the scroll
v8 – the 24 elders share in this moment in praise and worship
golden bowls of incense – prayers are gathered in the bowl…..the bowl is tipped over and answers to prayer come to earth
v9 – a new song – a song of redemption only sung by people who are saved
v10 – the Lord made us:
kings – we have royal authority
priests – we have direct access to the Lord at all times
v11 – an infinite large amount of angels that cannot be numbered
***you hear praise/you hear prayer also
v12 – a time of praise erupts
worthy – means deserving praise
v13 – this is a fulfillment of Philippians 2:9-11
v14 – fell down and worshipped – means to adore and reverence…to bow and lay down in front of someone
                    Revelation Chapter 6
***The 7 Seal Judgments
v1 – Lamb – means to be gentle, kind and tender
-it is time for the tribulation to begin – Esther 4:14
COME – an angel summons the the first rider to come
* a wicked, evil man described as a beast will rise up to influence the world
*He is a counterfeiter – Matthew 7:15-23
-counterfeit peace – 1 Thess 5:1-11
*Just a bow – refers to a time of peace
*Crown – he will rule over a group of nations