Revelation 5/21

Chapter 1
verse 4 -John is writing to 7 churches in Asia minor – modern day Turkey
-7 is the # of God – # of completion
-the 7 churches represent the complete church age & history of the church
-We are living in the church age right now – Eph 2:11-22
-Jesus is the head of the church – Col 1:18
-the church consists of those who are Jewish and Gentile
The Greeting is from Jesus and the Holy Spirit
Jesus – Who is – present
           – Who was – Jesus has done great things
           -Who is to come – He will do great things
The 7 spirits before the throne – Isaiah 11:2
-there is one Holy Spirit who has 7 qualities or characteristics
-the Spirit of the Lord, wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge and the fear of the Lord
verse 5 – John gives some characteristics of Jesus Christ
1. Faithful Witness
faithful – means reliable,,,dependable…keeps His Word
-someone who shares things they have seen and tells the truth
-someone who will be faithful to the point of death
2. The firstborn from the dead
-Jesus was the first person to rise from the dead with a new resurrected body
-this does not mean Jesus was born
3. He is the ruler over the kings of the earth
-Jesus is the most powerful person in the universe
          Jesus loves us and released us from our sins
He loves us – in the present tense meaning He loves you NOW – Rom 8:35-39
He released us from our sins – in the present tense
-Jesus washed us clean and keeps on washing us in His blood
verse 6 – Jesus created us…saved us…gave us every spiritual blessing in Christ
Jesus has made us a kingdom of priests
-kingdom – Jesus placed us in His kingdom by making us children of God (saving us)
-the enemy tries to get us to doubt our salvation
Priests – refers to believers being ministers
-everyone who is saved is a minister of the gospel
to Him be the glory – John just has to praise the Lord
verse 7 – Behold – means to get someones attention because something is about to happen
a. Jesus is coming
b. do not be a mocker – 2 Peter 2:3-10
c. Jesus is coming with the clouds
-this represents the glory of God and His manifest presence
coming – describes the arrival of Jesus and the changes His arrival will produce
d. every eye will see Him
-through presence and technology
e. Mourn – this is the judgment of God that hits the earth
verse 8 – I AM – reveals Jesus Christ is God – Ex 3:14 & John 8:58
Alpha & Omega – the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet which represents the Lord has always existed
The Almighty – speaks of the power of God
verse 9 – John – means the Lord is gracious
1. John was a brother and Fellow Partner
-this speaks of being an owner and stockholder in the things of the Lord
-we are all stockholders in CCWC meaning we all take part in the ministry here at CCWC
2. John knew all about trouble and pressure
-John was in trouble for doing what was right – preached the gospel
-John was banished to the island of Patmos for preaching the gospel and not bowing to the govt and Caesar worship…
-patience – refers to perseverance and patient endurance – a spirit of not giving up and continuing on…pressing through