Revelation 5/14


                                          Chapter 1
***Revelation is the name of the book – no S on the end
***Revelation means to uncover something/to take the lid off/discover things you do not know
***The book is a Revelation of Jesus Christ
-Jesus is the emphasis of the book of revelation
***God the Father gave Jesus these scriptures to show (Reveal & not Conceal) to all believers
***It would be shown to servants – doulos – used in verse 1 twice
-Characteristics of a doulos
          *submit to authority
          *give up their rights
          *totally surrendered to Jesus
          *thirsty, hungry & on fire for Jesus
SHORTLY – means quickly…rapidly…swiftly…with speed
-it speaks of the future
-it speaks of end time events coming quickly one after the other
Angel – a messenger announced this to John (to present and communicate)
-do not worship angels – Rev 22:8-9
John – his name means The Lord is Gracious
-written around 95-96AD
verse 2 –
Bore Witness – means to be an eye witness
-John saw the life, ministry , death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
verse 3 –
Blessed – means to be supremely blessed and happy/ fortunate/well off
-the Lord blesses the believer who reads, hears and practices the book of Revelation
the time is near – means to be right next door
verse 4 – John is writing to 7 churches in Asia Minor (today it is Turkey)
7 churches – 7 is the # of God – means fulfillment/completion
-represents the Lord’s plan for the church and the complete church age
-we are living in the church age right now – Eph 2:11-22
         * the church consists of those who are Jewish & Gentile
         * the Head of the church is Jesus Christ
         *the purpose of the church is The Great Commission
-3 Ingredients Are Included In Most Bible Books
***Author – vs1,4 – John
***Written To – v4
***Greeting – v4
Grace – means a free, undeserved, beautiful gift from the Lord
Peace – means to join yourself together which results in calmness & quiet
——-Peace is a result of grace
*Grace and Peace only come from Jesus Christ
WHO IS – present
WHO WAS – past
WHO IS TO COME – future
*Jesus Christ hs always been