Chapter 4
v1 – after these things – after the church age ends….
-Eph 2:11-22 – the church age – we are living in it now
-the rapture of the church is the next event to take place after the church age ends
-behold – means to get someones attention because something is about to happen
a door – this is an entrance or an opening
-2 Peter 3:9
-this is the rapture of the church
-Come up here
Rapture – means to be caught up and taken away, seized or taken by Jesus in a state of joy
-the church is not on earth any longer after this verse
-the rapture takes place so the Lord will deal with Israel – Israel will be the main focus – Isaiah 26:20
verses 2-3 – the key word in Revelation chapter 4 is THRONE
-John had a visions and sees the throne in heaven
-Jesus is on the throne
v3 – a description of Jesus Christ on the throne
1. Jesus is like a jasper stone
-Jasper is clear as crystal and it represents His glory and presence and purity
2. Jesus is like a sardius stone – it is red in color.  It represents the redemption of Jesus through His blood.  Even after the rapture people can get saved…
rainbow –  the rainbow formed a full circle around the throne.  The Lord fully and completely keeps His Word…
v4 – Around The Throne – 24 Elders
-elders speaks of human beings and those who are saved
-the 24 elders represent all born again believers from the OT and NT
-the 24 elders are sitting on thrones – means ruling and reigning with jesus
-the 24 elders are dressed in white clothes – represents holiness and righteousness
-the 24 elders have gold crowns on their heads – are victor crowns given to believers for their service on earth
vs5-6 – Out of The Throne
-lightning and thunder are signs of a coming storm
-speaks of the power of God and the judgment of God – Rev 8:5 & 11:19
Before The Throne
7 lamps of fire – represents 7 qualities of the Holy Spirit – Isaiah 11:1-7
v6 – sea of glass like crystal
-this refers to total peace and calm
-nothing has to disturb your peace
4 living creatures – vs6-7
-they are angelic beings
-they point to Jesus in every way
vs8-11 – The living creatures worship Jesus Christ
Holy Holy Holy – they proclaim the holiness of God/speaks of the Trinity
-they praise the lord for 3 main things:
-He is Worthy – v11