Revelation 21
v1 – the new heaven and the new earth
-they are renovated & not annihilated
-2 Peter 3:10-13
v2 – this is heaven coming down to earth & will hover over earth
-all born again believers will live here
v3 – the Lord will dwell in this city and all believers will rule and reign with him over the universe and the culture on earth
***the devil is mad we will be occupying his ex-home
v4 – pain, sorrow, death and crying will be eliminated
vs5-6 – the Lord has made all things new
v7 – overcomes – means to conquer/prevail/have the victory
-we are overcoming people – let’s act like it
v8 – these are unbelievers who have been given a chance to be saved
-no second chances once your place in eternity is entered
-1 John 1:6 and Matthew 7:21
vs9-10 – an angel who was involved in the judgments of God speaks
vs11-15, 17, 21-27 – a description of the city – heaven…
-Gates – the gates are always open – Rev 21:25-27
* it is always day in heaven – Rev 21:25 & 22:5
* 24/7/365 access for every believer
verses 16-17 – describes the size of heaven
-big enough to help everyone who has ever lives on earth
-it show God’s love for people & that He wants everyone to be saved
                                      REVELATION 22
vs4 – 5 — we will see Jesus face to face
              – His name refers to ownership – the Lord owns everything
v6 – the things mentioned in Revelation will happen – Numbers 23:19
shortly – means quickly…soon…speedily
v7 – the Lord is coming back quickly
blessed – means to be extremely fortunate, blessed and happy
keeps – means to guard so you will not get injured
vs8-9 – John worships and angel for the second time…Only worship God
-Matthew 2:1-2, 9-11
v10 – let people know all about the Bible and Revelation
v11 – once the truth is revealed, you have a choice to accept or disobey
v12 – the Lord will pour out His judgments and give out rewards to those who served Him while they lived on earth
v13 – Jesus has always been
v14 – this is being saved and abiding in the vine
v15 – this refers to people not being saved
vs16-17 – An Invitation to the Lost and calls them to be saved
vs18-19 – Do not take away or add to the Word of God or Revelation
v20 – the final message to the church is that Jesus is coming back again