Chapter 20

v1 – angel – means a messenger/dispatched by God
Bottomless pit – this is the shaft that descends down into hell that can be closed or opened
vs2-3 – dragon – is satan and is a picture of a hideous monster
devil – means adversary and foe
satan – means adversary
-satan is thrown down the shaft and rendered helpless with chains
-Col 2:15 – satans weapons have been stripped from him & he is shamed publicly
v4 – the believers will reign during the 1,000 year millenial reign of Jesus Christ
-our position during the millenial is determined by our works while serving Jesus
                             THE MILLENIAL
1. satan is bound for 1,000 years – Rev 20:1-3
-the earth changes because of this – no more wars
2. there is a society of people who live on earth – Matthew 24:40-41
3. the government of the millenial is run by Jesus – Isaiah 9:6
-it is a theocracy run by Jesus
4. Characteristics of the 1,000 year millenial
-human life prolonged – Is 65:17-25
-changes in the animal kingdom – Is 11:6-9
5. Satan is loosed after the millenial ends – Revelation 20:5-10
v5 – the rest of the dead –  are unbelievers judged at the Great White Throne Judgment
vs5b-6 – the First Resurrection
-this is the resurrection of the believer
-v6a – this means they go to heaven
-v6b – the 2nd death are unbelievers being thrown into the lake of fire
v7 – satan is loosed from the pit after the millenial ends
-people will reject Jesus during this time as they were created with a free will
v8 – satan deceives people and wants to defeat God’s kingdom.  He comes up against Israel
v9 – God judges the unbelievers with fire
v10 – the devil is permanently dealt with now.  He is cast into the lake of fire
v11 – a great, huge and biggest throne ever seen is present
white – represents righteousness
Throne – Jesus is still on the throne
Heaven and earth flee away – this simple refers to the fact that no one will be able to hide from the Lord
verse 12 – this is the judgment of the unbeliever
 -The Book of Life –  has all of the names of the believers in it
-other books – list the works and deeds of people
v13 – this is a resurrection – everyone is resurrected and stands before the Lord
v14 – the 2nd death is the final resting place for all believers
v15 – this is a persons; willful choice – whether they go to heaven or hell