Revelation 19

                           A DIVINE INTERVENTION
1. Rev 19:1-10 – Heaven Will Rejoice
2. Rev 19:11-21 – Christ Will Return
verse 1 – after these things – after the judgments of God have fallen on earth
A Loud Voice In Heaven Is Heard – A Great Multitude
-these are all of the born again believers who have ever lived
-Heaven – this is the 3rd heaven
1. Atmosphere – the first heaven
2. Outer Space – the second Heaven
3. God’s Throne – the third Heaven
***This multitude is praising the Lord for what He is going to do:
-salvation – means to rescue
-rescue the world from the devil, rescue Israel from destruction
***This multitude is praising the Lord for who He is
-True, righteous and judge
This is called the Allelujia Chorus…….
*It means PTL…..
*used in verses 1,3, 4 & 6
*It includes 3 things that only belong to the Lord:
                1. Salvation – only Jesus can save – Acts 4:12
                2. Glory – means honor & worship – only Jesus is to be worshipped
                3. Power – Jesus is all powerful – it’s miraculous ability
verse 4
24 elders – represents all believers from Genesis to Revelation
4 living creatures – represents angelic beings created by God (cherubim)
***God is still on the throne…….
verse 5 – OUR GOD – do not praise any other god – only Jesus….
***This is a call to keep on praising the Lord…….
***It is NO MATTER WHAT………
v6 – They praise Jesus as the Lord God
-The Roman emperor was called lord and they made him out to be a god.  John was stating who the one true and living God really is…..
vs7-9 –  The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
-a time of assembly and fellowship and rejoicing between the believers and Jesus Christ Himself
Blessed – means to be extremely blessed, fortunate and happy
verse 10 – John is overwhelmed by everything he sees and starts to worship the angel.  The angel says not to worship him, but worship God………..
                            VERSES 11-12 – JESUS CHRIST WILL RETURN
                                        This is a DIVINE INTERVENTION
v11 – Jesus returns and is right on time – all of the time
-this looks like the Lord is ripping the heavens open with His hands
-white horse – represents righteousness, holiness and being a conqueror
He who sat – this is Jesus Christ
Faithful – reliable…dependable…can be counted on
True – real, genuine and accurate
Wages War – the Lord fights our enemies & wins every battle
vs12-13 – A Description of Jesus Christ
eyes like a flame of fire – He sees everything
crowns on His head – He is the ruler of the heavens and the earth
He has a special Name – no one else can share this name or the qualities that come along with this name
v13 – this is the blood Jesus shed that everyone may be saved
Word of God – this means Jesus Christ is God – John 1:1,14
v14 – this is an army of believers and angels coming back with Jesus – Jude 14-15
vs15-16 – Jesus fights this battle Himself
vs17-18 – the vultures will be having a feast
v19 – this is the battle of Armageddon in Israel
vs20-21 – the antichrist & Israels’ enemies are defeated
Lake of Fire – the final & permanent place for anyone who refuses to be saved….