Revelation 12
verse 10 – a celebration of victory and praise begins
-the devil is kicked out of heaven
-the millennial reign of Jesus is ready to begin
-the return of Jesus is close
Accuser – means one who is against you/brings charges against you…points out your flaws, shortcomings, sins and mistakes
verse 11 – How we overcome satan?
1. Be saved – Col 1:13 – transferred out of the devils kingdom into Gods kingdom
2. Through the blood of Jesus
plead the blood of Jesus – this is a declaration we are under the blood
3. Our testimony – this is our own personal testimony about what Jesus has done for us in our lives since being saved
verse 12 – 2 Groups of People
1. Heaven  – rejoicing because the devil has been kicked out of heaven
2. Earth – the devil unleashes his fury on earth
verse 13  – Matthew 24:9
***the devil goes right after Israel
v14 – the Lord supernaturally protects Israel
-this could be an airlift
-this could be the city of Petra
vs15-17 – the flood is an outpouring of hatred toward Israel
       v17 – satan turns his attention to the believers in Israel
verse 1 – sea – this speaks of humanity
beast – a dangerous, venomous wild animal
-he will be a man – Revelation 13:18
7 heads – refers to 7 world rulers and kingdoms
Medo Persia
Revived Roman Empire
10 Horns – this refers to the antichrist power and authority
10 crowns – the antichrist will rule over a 10 nation confederacy. The crowns are on top of the horns…….he conquers through peace…
verse 2 – Characteristics of the Antichrist’s Empire
Leopard – will strike quickly – the Grecian empire
Bear – refers to strength & power – Medo Persian empire
Lion – will crush their enemies like Babylon
verse 3 – heads – this is one of the world empires in verse one.  It refers to Rome
verse 4 the beast & dragon receive worship
verses 5-6 – 42 months is three and a half years
-the antichrist will be a great speech giver and offer peace…….
-the antichrist will also blaspheme the Lord
verse 7 – believers who die for their faith in the 7 year tribulation period
-there will be a one world government ruled by the antichrist
verses 8-10
-believers will have nothing to do with this antichrist system
verse 11 – the antichrist’s partner – the false prophet
beast – reveals the character of this man
verse 12 – religion will be used to deceive the world
vs13-15 –  the false prophet performs lying wonders – 2 Thessalonians 2:9
vs16-18 – these verses speak about the antichrist system that will demand allegiance from everyone or they will lose their lives…….