Revelation 12-13

Revelation 12
3 Main Characters
1. the woman – Israel
2. The Child – Jesus Christ
3. The Dragon – satan
verses 1-4 – sign – is an extraordinary spectacle or event that points beyond itself
verse 4 – refers to the rebellion of satan
-every angel was created with a free will
-there is an innumerable amount of angels – Rev 5:11 & Heb 12:22
-lucifer (satan) made a personal choice to sin – Isaiah 14:12-14 – as did each angel who followed him
one third of the angels – the Lord is an organizer and desires for there to be order
-the Lord placed 3 archangels over all of the angels – He is a risk taker…
-loyalty to Jesus Christ first and then to the senior pastor of the church
-God hates division – Proverbs 6:16-19
-these fallen angels have come down to earth to cause havoc and chaos
-satan wants to destroy Israel and Jesus right from His birth
verse 5 – the child and son refer to Jesus Christ.  3 Things are mentioned about Jesus Christ here:
1. The birth of Jesus Christ – Luke 1:26-35 – a virgin birth
2. the ascension and exaltation of Jesus Christ – Acts 1:9-11…Eph 4:10…Phil 2:9-11
3. The millennial reign of Jesus Christ
-Jesus will rule all nations with a rod of iron
verse 6 – the tribulation os for Israel – Jere 30:7 & Daniel 12:1
-The Lord supernaturally protects Israel
v7 – there is a war between angels and demons
-Daniel 10:12-13 – we must pray through the powers in the atmosphere
vs8-9 – the demons are not strong enough – we have authority over them
-they have no more access to the throne of God after these verses
satan – means adversary
devil – means slanderer
v10 – a victory celebration occurs in heaven
salvation – we have been delivered from the power of satan
power – this is the strength of God who dealt with satan
kingdom of God – overtakes the kingdom of darkness
authority – the authority of Jesus will be established across the globe
Accuser – means one who is against you/brings up charges against you
-they bring forth accusations
verse 11 – How can we overcome satan?
1. Get Saved – Col 1:13
2. Through the blood of the Lamb
3. Our Testimony – this is how we were saved and what the Lord has done for us
verse 12 – 2 Groups of People
1. heaven – heaven will not hear the accusations of the devil any longer
2. earth – satan unleashes his fury once kicked out of heaven
wrath – fierceness/passion—as if breathing hard
v13 – the devil goes after Israel once he is thrown down to earth
v14 – the Lord supernaturally protects Israel
-it could be an airlift or the city of Petra
vs15-17 – the flood is an outpouring of hatred toward Israel
v17 – the redeemed ones are people saved during the tribulation period
                                   REVELATION 13
verse 1 – sea – represents humanity
-the antichrist is a person who arises from a nation of the world
Beast – he is described as a beast
-is a venomous, dangerous wild animal
7 heads – represents 7 empires
10 horns – represents power and authority over 10 nations
10 crowns he will rule over a 10 nation confederacy
verse 2 Characteristics of the Antichrist empire
Leopard – quickness like Alexander the Great and the Grecian empire
Bear – strength & power like the medo persian empire
Lion – crush their enemies like Babylon
-the antichrist is demon controlled and possessed