***There are 3 main characters in Revelation 12
1. The Woman – represents Israel
2. The Child – Jesus Christ
3. The Dragon – satan
verse 1 – GREAT SIGN – the word sign means an extraordinary spectacle or event that points beyond itself
-this sign points beyond itself to Jesus Christ and shows a woman
-This woman is clothed with the sun and moon – it represents the presence and glory of God that rests upon Israel
– This woman has on her head a crown of 12 stars – represents the 12 tribes of Israel – Genesis 37:9
v2 – this woman is with child – this is the birth of Jesus Christ
v3 – the great red dragon – a second sign appeared
-this is the devil – a fallen angel
-3 Characteristics of this dragon
1. 7 heads – this speaks of the wisdom of satan
-this is a double application scripture – speaks of a real person – the king of Tyre –
and satan
2. 10 horns – this speaks of the power of satan
3. 7 Crowns – this refers to the authority he has over the nations of the world
Daniel 10:10-21
         2 Statements about satan
1. The devil is a counterfeiter – Matthew 7:21-23
-the devil is a fake, fraud and a liar – there is no truth in him
-to know the counterfeit, just know the real
2. The devil will try to stop you from praying because he knows that prayer stops him – Matthew 26:36-46
-do not ever stop praying because prayer works
-the enemy will lie to you concerning prayer
verse 4 – this refers to the rebellion of satan
-every angel was created with a free will
-the amount of angels cannot be counted – Heb 12:22 & Rev 5:11
one third of the angels – the Lord loves order and is an organizer
-the Lord placed 3 archangels over all of the angels – Michael, Gabriel & Lucifer
-Lucifer rebelled & fell away from the Lord and took one third of the angels with him.  Lucifer and each angel made their own personal choice to rebel
-it is a huge risk to allow people to oversee people
-there are 2 persons to be loyal to in a church setting – Jesus Christ and the senior pastor
-God hates division – Proverbs 6:16-19
-Lucifer and his angels are now on earth doing their thing – destruction
-satan wants to destroy Israel – always has & always will
verse 5 – The child refers to Jesus
1. the birth of Jesus Christ – a virgin birth – Luke 1:26-35
2. the ascension and exaltation of Jesus Christ – Phil 2:9-10…Acts 1:9-10
3. The Millennial reign of Jesus Christ
-Jesus will rule and handle everything on earth – will rule with a rod of iron
verse 6 – satan hates the Jewish people – anti-semitism
-the tribulation is for Israel – Jeremiah 30:7 & Daniel 12:1
verse 7 – War in Heaven
-the angels of God and demons are fighting in the heavenlies – Dan 10:12-13
verses 8-9 – the demons & fallen angels are not strong enough
-we have all authority over the powers of darkness
-satan has no more access to the throne of heaven
verse 10 – satan – means adversary
               – devil – means slanderer
***A Victory Celebration begins in heaven…….
satan is called an accuser – one who is against you & brings up charges against you – your failures, weaknesses & sins
verse 11 – How can we overcome satan?
1. Get Saved – Col 1:13
2. Through the Blood of Jesus – Exodus 12:23
Plead the blood – this is a declaration that we are under the blood of Jesus
3. Our Testimony – is what the Lord has done for us.  Every believer has a testimony…….
verse 12 – 2 Groups of People are mentioned in this verse
1. HEAVEN – they are rejoicing because no more accusations will be mentioned
2. EARTH –  the devil is on earth causing wars, havoc and chaos
-his time is short & that is why he is on the move…
v13 – the devil comes right after Israel when he is thrown to earth – Matthew 24:9
v14 – this could be an airlift  or the city of Petra
-eagle could be the United States
-the Lord protects Israel
verses 15-17 – the flood is an outpouring of hatred against Israel & against the people of God