Chapters 11-12
Revelation Chapter 11 – The Two Witnesses
***The Moving Up of the Two Witnesses – vs11-13
-the 2 witnesses are Resurrected – v11
-the breath of God enters into them – v11
-people all over the world see this happen but are not saved – v11
-the glory of God is present when we suffer – 1 Peter 4:12-14 – v12
v13 – a great earthquake takes place and 3 things occur:
1. one tenth of Jerusalem is destroyed
2. 7,000 people die
3. People do not repent
vs14-19 – The 7th Trumpet Judgment
v14 – this is the last woe —- woe is a warning of judgment
v15 – the 7th trumpet judgment
We hear some voices:
-this is an announcement of victory – v15
***it refers to Jesus returning
-this is an announcement of Praise – vs16-18
elders – represents all born again believers from the OT & NT
 worshipped – means to deserve
v17b – they are thankful
Almighty – the powerful One
v18 – the nations are angry
-they are enraged against the gospel
-the wrath of God comes up against this anger
***the dead – the believer – the judgment seat of Christ
                   -the unbeliever – judgment for the rejection of Jesus Christ
v19 – the temple of God and ark of the covenant speaks of the presence of God
                                         Revelation Chapter 12
***There are 3 main characters in Revelation 12
1. The Woman – Israel
2. The Child – Jesus Christ
3. The Dragon – satan
v1 – great sign this is an event that points beyond itself
-signs point to Jesus
vs1-2 – the woman
-she is clothed with the sun and the moon – is the presence of God upon Israel
-she has on her head a crown of 12 stars – is the 12 tribes of Israel
—This woman is the nation of Israel – Genesis 37:9
v2 – the woman is with child – Jesus Christ is the child
v3 – A Great Red Dragon – a second sign appeared
-this is satan
3 Characteristics of this dragon
1. 7 heads – this is the wisdom of the fallen angel – Ez 28:12-19
-this is a double application – speaks of the King of Tyre & satan
2. 10 Horns – this speaks of great power
3. 7 Crowns – this refers to his authority among the nations – Dan 10:10-21
v4 – this refers to the rebellion of satan
-every angel was created with a free will
-the number of angels cannot be counted – Rev 5:11 & Heb 12:22
-satan made a personal choice to sin
-one third of the angels – the Lord believes in order
-always stay loyal
-God hates division – Proverbs 6:16-19
v5 – this child and son refers to Jesus Christ.  3 things mentioned:
1. v5 – the virgin birth of Jesus Christ
2. v5 – the ascension & exaltation of Jesus Christ – Acts 1:9-11/Phil 2:9-11
3. The millennial reign of Jesus Christ
-Jesus will rule the nations with a rod of iron
v6  – satan has a special hatred for the Jewish people
-Jeremiah 30:7 & Daniel 12:1
v7 – War in Heaven
-the angels of God and demon forces fight each other
-Daniel 10:12-13
vs8-9 – the fallen angels are not strong enough to overcome the Lord and believers
v10 – satan – means adversary
       – devil – means slanderer
***A victory praise-celebration begins as the devil has been thrown out of heaven
accuser – means one who is against you/brings charges against you
v11 – How we overcome satan?
1. Become a born again believer
2. through the blood of Jesus Christ
Ex12:23 – plead the blood –  this is a declaration
3. Our testimony – this is what the Lord has done for us
v12 – 2 Groups of People
1. Heaven – they are rejoicing that no more accusations will be heard
2. Earth – satan unleashes his fury as he is thrown down to earth
wrath – means fierceness and passion…satans time is short…
v13 – when satan is thrown down to earth, he goes after Israel – Matthew 24:9