Chapter 1
verse 12
-7 lampstands – represent the history of the church
                        – represent 7 literal churches
                        -represent the church being the light of the world – Matthew 5:14-16
verse 13 – Jesus is in the middle of the church
               – Jesus is the center of the church & should be emphasized
1.) Jesus wears a robe and golden girdle – v13
-this represents intercession
-this represents Jesus standing in the gap for the sins of humanity
-1 Timothy 2:4-6 & Isaiah 59:16-17
verse 14 – His head and hair are white as snow
white – refers to blazing glowing white light
          – refers to holiness, purity and godliness
          – Jesus never sinned one time – this is our example to follow – 1 Peter 4:1
verse 14 – His eyes are like a flame of fire
-this speaks of the Lords’ eyes being like 2 lazer beams that penetrate into our hearts, souls and lives
-it represents conviction of sin
verse 15 – His feet are like brass
-brass refers to the judgment of God in the Bible
-judgment is against sin and not people personally/is always fair and right
-is only for unbelievers – 1 Thess 5:19 & 1:10
-judgment is announced – like the sound of many waters
verse 16 – out of His mouth is a 2-edged sword
-this is the Word of God
verse 17 – His countenance is like the sun
-this represents the presence and glory of God
***John crumbles as he sees the Lord
-this extremely reduces fear
-advance boldly even during difficult times
verse 18 – Jesus is alive and has all power & authority over death and hell
verse 19 – this is the outline of the Book of Revelation
1. The things which you have seen – Chapter One
2. The things which are – Chapters 2-3 – the 7 churches
3. The things which will take place after these things – Chapters 4-22 – Future
verse 20 – the 7 stars – these are the pastors of the 7 churches
a. also seen in verse 16
-the Lord can comfort, chastise or squeeze the pastors
-the 7 lampstands are the 7 churches
              Revelation Chapter 2
Revelation 2:1-7 – The Church at Ephesus
-this represents the first church age – the first church in Acts 2 – the Apostolic church age from 30-100 A.D.
-Ephesus means to relax/be casual/be laid back
-angel – means messenger and is the pastor of the church
walks – mans to walk up and down – the Lord is walking around in the church
1. They were a serving church – work & labor – speaks of energy and effort
2. They were a steadfast church –
-patience – means the ability to endure tough times
3. They were a separated church – v6
-they did not put up with false doctrine or false deeds
-the deeds of the Nicolaitans – means to conquer the laity
***it is the clergy feeling superior to the laity/closer to the Lord
verse 4 – they cooled off and left their first love
first love – it is devotion to Jesus Christ that is fervent, excited, uninhibited and openly displayed
-First love for Jesus can be restored in 3 ways.  THREE R’s……
1. REMEMBER – what you have lost and get it back – v5
2. Repent – change your mind
-Re – means to return
-Pent means to the highest position – return to that high place
3. REPEAT – v5
-repeat the first works – these are daily spiritual disciplines
verse 7 overcome – means to be a victor and conqueror
-this is simply being saved which brings everlasting life – Tree Of Life and Heaven which is Paradise