Revelation 11

v3 – the Lord raises up 2 witnesses

They see – 1 Chronicles 12:32
They talk – are a voice – Matthew 3

-They preach repentance and turning to the Lord – sackcloth
-For those who have been away from jesus – RETURN

v4 – olive trees – speaks of the anointing of the lord – Luke 4:16-19
– lampstands – they bring light into the darkness

v5 – fire comes out of their mouths – Jeremiah 5:14

v6 – the 2 witnesses do 3 things:
-shut up the sky
-turn water into blood
-strike the earth with plagues
2 Witnesses: Enoch and Elijah – neither of them died
Some people say one of the witnesses is Moses

v7 – the 2 witnesses are supernaturally protected until their work is done
-the antichrist orders the 2 witnesses to be executed

v8 – The great city is Jerusalem
-it will be spiritually and morally corrupt

Sodom – represents immorality
Egypt – represents the world system

v9 – the bodies of the 2 witnesses lie in the street

v10 – a celebration occurs because they are dead
-you will not always be liked if you preach the gospel


v11 – the 2 witnesses are resurrected
-the breath of God enters into them – God’s breath can resurrect dead things

-people see this recurrection, but most do not repent

v12 – the 2 witnesses ascend to heaven

v13 – a great earthquake occurs

-one tenth of Jerusalem is destroyed
-7,000 people die
-people do not repent


V14 – This is the last of 3 woes…

v15 – an announcement of victory

vs16-18 – an announcement of praise
elders – represent all OT & NT believers

-they are thankful – v17b

Almight – the powerful One

v18 – the nations were angry
-angry at the gospel
-the wrath of God comes against this anger

-the dead – the good – Judgment Seat of Christ
– the bad – judgment for their rejection of Jesus Christ

v19 – the temple of God & ark of the covenant represent the presence of God
-the lightning represents the Lord’s power, might, glory and dominion
Revelation 12
***There are 3 main characters in Rev 12

1. The Woman – Israel
2. The Child – Jesus Christ
3. The Dragon – satan

verse 1 – Great Sign –

sign – is an extraordinary spectacle or event that points beyond itself

EX#1 – signs and wonders will follow the believer

EX#2 – end time signs – they all point to Jesus Christ

verses 1-2 – this sign points beyond itself to Jesus & it appears in the sky

—–the woman is clothed with the sun & moon – this is the presence & glory of God that rests on Israel

—–this woman has 12 stars on her head representing the 12 tribes of Israel

—–Genesis 37:9

v2 – the woman is with child – this child is Jesus Christ

v3 – A great red dragon – a second sign appears
-this is satan

– 3 characteristics of the dragon

1. 7 heads – this speaks of wisdom

2. 10 horns – this speaks of great power

3. 7 crowns – this refers to authority over nations

v4 – this speaks of the rebellion of satan
-every angel was created with a free will

-the amount of angels cannot be counted – Rev 5:11 & Hebrews 12:22

-every angel personally chose to rebel and follow satan

-one third of the angels – the Lord is an organizer and works in order
*this is delegated authority

-God hates division – Proverbs 6:16-19

v5 – the child and son refers to Jesus Christ. 3 things are mentioned:

1. v5 – the birth of Jesus Christ
-the virgin birth – Luke 1:26-35

2. v5 – the ascension & exaltation of Jesus Christ – Acts 1:9-11…Phil 2:9-11

3. The Millennial reign of Jesus Christ
-Jesus will rule the nations of the world and the universe