Chapter 10
-There is a pause that occurs here in Revelation
-Two Visions Occur During This Pause
1. The Angel With The Little Book – Rev 10:1-11
2. The Two Witnesses – Rev 11:1-14
             THE ANGEL WITH THE LITTLE BOOK – Revelation 10:1-11
verse 1 – many people believe it is Jesus Christ
-the word angel simply means messenger
cloud – represents the glory of God – His manifest presence
rainbow – the Lord keeps His word
face as the sun – speaks of peace, warmth and comfort
feet like fire – refers to the judgment of God
v3 – lion – Rev 5:5 – speaks of courage and strength
verse 2 – this is the Bible
right and left foot – Jesus is in control of the universe
verse 3 – ther lion of the tribe of Judah roars of His coming judgment
Joel 3:16 & Amos 1:2
vs3-4 – the 7 peals of thunder speaks of the judgment of God that is coming
vs5-6 – The Lord keeps His Word
-the time for the 7th trumpet to blow is here
verse 7 – mystery – means something hidden that is now revealed
-some mysteries have already been revealed such as the mystery of the rapture
vs8-11 – these verses discuss the Little Book
v8 – take the Book – the book is offered and available for everyone – take it and read and practice it…….
v9 – devour and eat all of the Word of God
-in context  – Mark 11:24
verses 9-10 – the Word of God is sweet and bitter
v11 – John prophesies or preaches the Word of God – faithful to the end of his life
                               THE BIBLE
***66 individual books – 39 OT and 27 NT
***one theme – REDEMPTION
***God wrote the Bible – 2 Peter 1:20-21
First – the first thing to consider
v20 – contextualization – our own interpretation of the Bible is not right
-do not say the Holy Spirit revealed this meaning to me – keep everything in context
v21 – no scripture ever came from any human being, but from God  Himself
was ever made – “came @ any time”
moved – means to be influenced…to come upon…to be carried along
-The Bible authors wrote down what the Holy Spirit gave them to write down
             The Word of God
Why read and study the Word of God?
-Does God exist – Gen 1:1
-Do all religions lead to God? – John 14:6
-we will follow the Word of God and not the values of the world
(3.) THE BIBLE GIVES US HOPE – Romans 15:13
-2 Chronicles 34:8-21 – the Bible was discovered and brought hope to Israel