Chapter Nine
1. The Army From The Pit – Revelation 9:1-12
-this speaks of demons
2. The Army From The East – Revelation 9:13-21
-this refers to China
verse 13
-the 6th trumpet judgment
a voice – an unidentified voice comes forth
-this refers to our prayers being answered…….
v14 – these are 4 fallen angels that the Lord will use to fulfill His plans for earth
v15 – one third of all humanity dies
v16 – this could be another demonic army or the nation of China who has a two hundred million man army
vs17-19 – this could be a picture of missiles and nuclear war – 2 Peter 3:10-13
vs20-21 – people will still not repent
-sins of humanity are listed  here that will continue to be practiced
-the world hardens their hearts
                                REVELATION CHAPTER 10
***Between the 6th & 7th trumpet judgment, the judgements of God stop where more evangelism will take place
***There are two visions that occur during this pause
1. The angel with the little book – 10:1-11
2. The Two Witnesses – Revelation 11:1-14
—the 7th trumpet sounds in Rev 11:15-19
            THE ANGEL WITH THE LITTLE BOOK – Revelation 10:1-11
v1 – the strong angel – could be Jesus or a literal angel.  Most commentaries believe this is Jesus Christ…….
v1 – cloud – represents the glory of God
v1- rainbow – speaks of the promises of God
v1- face as the sun – peace and safety
v1 – feet like fire – His judgment
verse 2 – little book – this is the Bible or a section of the Bible
left and right foot – refers to Jesus being in control of everything
verse 3 – a roar comes from the lion of the tribe of Judah to warn of coming judgment
vs3-4 – the 7 Peals Of Thunder
thunder is connected with judgment
vs5-6 – this is the Lord keeping His Word.  It is time for the 7th trumpet to blow
v7 – Mystery – means something hidden that is now revealed
-the Mystery of the rapture has occurred
vs8-11 – these verses discuss the little book which is the Word of God
v8 – take the book – the Bible is offered and available
-have a hunger for the Word of God
v9 – devour it – eat it – all of it
vs9-10 – the Word of God will be sweet and bitter
-this refers to easier subjects and tougher subjects
v11 – John prophecies and preaches the Word of God right to the end…..
v1 – lion – courageous and strong