Chapters 7-8
v1 – After this – the book of Revelation is in order
-the Lord calls a time out – the judgments of God stop for a little while
-the 4 winds of the earth are the judgments of God being held back
vs2-8 – 144,000 Jewish people are saved & sealed – Eph 4:30
-this refers to ownership
-they are evangelists and preach the gospel of the KIngdom
-this happens during the time out
     Why Evangelize?
1. Because we are to be like Jesus – Luke 19:1-10
-everything Jesus did was all about evangelism
2. Because there is not alot of time left – Matt 24:12
3. Because it is a command from the lord – Matthew 28:18-20
-commands demand obedience
4. Because heaven and hell are real
v9 – after this – we see many people are saved through evangelism
white robes – represents purity and righteousness
palm branches – represents victory
v10 – this takes place in heaven and is a time of praise and worship
v10 is in the present tense which means this praise is constant and unceasing
-it is also a declaration that more people will be saved before the tribulation ends
***We need to praise the Lord before we receive the manifestation of our prayers…
v11 – worshiped – means to be deserving
-everyone is on their faces before the Lord – Matt 2:11…Ps 95:6…Ps 99:5
v12 Amen – this is a response to what is stated in v10 that only Jesus is the true God & Savior of the world
-a 7-fold praise is offered
vs13-14 – these are people saved during the 7 year tribulation period
v15 – temple – refers to heaven – the Lord will be with us forever – this word means to pitch a tent
v16 – things that will not happen to people any longer since they are in heaven
v17 – no crying in heaven
shepherd – Jesus will totally care for us……waters of life refer to His goodness, love and grace
                                     REVELATION CHAPTER 8
vs1-2 – the 7 SEAL judgments are about to end and the trumpet judgments re ready to begin
-the 7th SEAL judgment is broken and 32 Things happen:
         1. silence in heaven – this is calm before the storm
         2. the 7 trumpet judgements start – they are worse than the seal judgments
vs3-4 – this is a picture of the altar of incense in the Tabernacle of Moses
-Incense was continually burning on the altar—we must always be praying…….
-there was no fragrance or incense burning without fire – our prayers need to be fiery
v4 – the prayers of the believers are heard and answered by the Lord and He answers them any way He determines to answer them
vs5-6 – judgment comes down upon the earth
-nature is affected – grass, pasture land and trees affected
*** a triple judgment occurs
-one third of all salt water in the world turns to blood
-one third of the marine life dies
-one third of all ships are destroyed
-a great star – falls from heaven
-rivers are all affected
v11 – the star is wormwood which means bitter
-one third of all rivers and water sources become bitter – fish will die
-this trumpet affects the earths’ luminaries
-one third of all light produced will be extinguished
-this affects the entire world – the temperature of the world…growth of crops……human health affected
verse 13 – a messenger now appears in the sky proclaiming Woe to earth
-Woe in the Bible always speaks of a warning of judgments to come
-the next 3 trumpets will be worse than the first 3