a. great death comes to earth through:
-disease…wild animals…hunger…war
-one quarter of the population of earth perishes
-hell follows right behind to swallow up those people who are not saved
-thousands of people are still being saved at the same time
v9 – altar – was a place of sacrificed in the OT
-represents the giving up of a life
-this refers to believers being killed in the tribulation  for maintaining their testimony
-persecution will also come to the church today across the globe
v10 – How long for the final judgment to take place and for the Lord to return to set up His Kingdom
v11 – white – speaks of purity and righteousness
-immediately they are in the presence of the Lord – 2 Cor 5:8
vs12-14 – the sun, moon and stars were all worshipped as gods @ this time
-they will all be dealt with now
-stars falling could also represent meteorite showers
v14 – there is a complete change in the topography on earth
vs15- 17 – the reaction of the people on earth
-they hide from a Lamb
-v17 – Wrath – God’s wrath is based on the decisions of people
                                         REVELATION 7
v1 – After this – after the 6 seals are broken
-God calls a time out – the judgments will stop for awhile
4 Angels – angel means messenger
-4 Winds of the Earth – these are judgments being held back by these 4 angels
vs2-3 – there are an innumerable amount of angels – Rev 5:11
seal – all believers are sealed by the Holy Spirit – Eph 4:30
vs4-8 – 144,000 Jewish people are saved and sealed
-the tribulation is mainly for Israel to be saved
-these Jewish believers preach the gospel of the Kingdom which is telling everyone that Jesus is coming to build His kingdom
-this happens during the time out
verse 9 – After this – people are saved all over the earth
white robes – represents purity and righteousness
palm branches – represents victory
v10 – this takes place in heaven & is a time of praise and worship
-it is continual praise and worship
-it is loud praise and worship
-it is praising the Lord for salvations to come that haven’t happened yet
v11 – worshiped – means to be deserving
fall down before the Lord – Matt 2:11…Ps 95:6 & 99:5
v12 – The amen is a response to v10 where Jesus is the one true God & Savior of the entire worldRe