Racing Toward WWIII


Vs1-3 – The Nations of the World

-this speaks of the nations of the world bonding together with an evil intent.  It speaks of being agitated with violent commotion.  This is happening now in our world:


-Iran and Saudi Arabia and Middle East tensions

-China and the stock market sell off affecting the global community

vain or empty thing – this is the destruction of Israel which will never occur

-this part of the Bible must be taught like other principles – not out of fear – but it is the doctrine of Eschatology which is the last days…

v2 – countries will take a stand and fight against the Lord

-the antichrist does this personally in revelation 19

v3 – this is rebellion against God.  The nations do not want to be ruled by God or His Word.  They want to rule over themselves

vs4-6 – The Lord’s Response

v4 – sits in the heavens – Jesus is on the throne – no matter what is going on

v6 – Jesus will rule forever no matter what anyone says

vs4-5 – the Lord laughs thinking about what they are saying – that the nations of the world can get away with their rebellion

v5 – the Lord’s judgment comes against the nations at Armageddon which is WW 3

vs 7-9 – The Return of the Lord

-The Lord is making a decree and it is done.  It will happen.  He is coming back and will defeat the nations of the world that rise up against Israel

vs10-12 – a warning to the nations of the world

Be Wise – turn to the lord/serve, fear and worship Him

-or God’s wrath will come against them

***the Lord keeps giving nations chance after chance after chance to turn to Him.  It is happening here again even at the last minute in time at the battle of Armageddon…….

How do we know that WW 3 is on the horizon:

*Russia invading Syria and Ukraine

*Iran and nuclear weapons

*China building artificial islands in the South China Sea

*Isis – trying to form a caliphate nation to conquer the world

*United States – its power and influence is diminishing in the world and has cooled its relationship with Israel

*Arab nations – uniting and will be forming a coalition with Russia to attack Israel

World War 3 is Armageddon

-this is the final war for humanity on earth

-the word Armageddon is used only once in the Bible in Rev 16:16

           ***it means Mount of Megiddo

           ***the battle of Armageddon is mentioned many times by different names

Armageddon means Mount of Megiddo…and also means to cut off

a. it is a mountain (Mt Carmel) that overlooks the valley of Jezebel which is 14 miles wide and 20 miles long

b. Armageddon means to be cut off.  The Lord will cut off everyone who comes against Israel

Isaiah 34:1-2


How do we know that the Battle of Armageddon and WW 3 are near?

A. Israel has reoccupied its land – Isaiah 11:11-12

a. Israel was scattered across the globe for years, but is now coming back to Israel

-40% of the Jewish people are back in Israel now – the biggest group in the world

B. A movement toward globalism – 

-they are called “one worlders”

-this will partially happen through the United Nations

C. Russia and the Arab nations will unite and fight against Israel – Ez 38:1-5

Iran, Syria, Ethiopia, parts of Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon, the islamic state (isis)

-the nations are aligning tighter now with the tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia

D. The Coming Middle East Peace Process – 1 Thess 5:1-3

-there is a desperate cry for peace in the world today among the people

-the antichrist will put together a false peace for a period of time, but it will be broken

Daniel 9:26-27 and Revelation 6:1-2

-the stage is being set for the return of the Lord


Revelation 12 – there are 3 main characters in this chapter

-the woman is Israel

-the child is Jesus Christ

-the drain is satan

v7 – there is a supernatural battle in heaven between good and evil:

-good – God, Michael and His angels Michael means who is like God

-evil – the dragon (satan) & his angels (fallen angels or demons)

vs8-11 – 2 points:

     1. the enemy never prevails over the Lord and over His people if the people are living for the Lord and using their authority they have in Jesus Christ


      2. satan and all of his fallen angels are cast out of heaven forever to earth

v12 – the heavens rejoice cause satan is gone

       -the earth receives a woe – woe refers to judgment and a warning in the Bible

satans wrath – is a fierce passion as if breathing hard

-he knows he has little time left

v13 – satan creates a wave of anti-semitism in the world which is a hatred of Jewish people

v14 – the Lord intervenes

-the Lord takes Israel to a place of safety

-nourished – the Lord will supply all of our needs and here it is protection for Israel

v15 – water or flood – there are armies attacking Israel

v16 – the nations on the side of Israel will help Israel

v17 – the devil is driving the armies of the world toward Armageddon


There are 7 bowl or vial judgments that come upon the earth from the Lord…

judgment – means to make a decision

-the Lord bases His decision on a persons decision

v1 – the voice of the Lord comes out of the Jewish temple directing His angels.  This is during the second half of the tribulation period

v12 – The Euphrates River is dried up.  This helps Israels” enemies get to Israel quicker and easier

Kings of the East – this is a coalition of nations from the far East led by China

vs13-14 – 3 unclean spirits – demons – they look like frogs.  Frogs are unclean animals in the OT

-these demons lead the nations to Armageddon

-they counterfeit miracles