Racing Toward WWIII Part 5

Racing Towards WW3

Zech 14:2-3,14,16 – the word nations is used many times

-these are the nations that will be coming against Isarel

Daniel 11:40-44 

-King of the South

-King of the North

-King of the East

Antichrists army is the King of the north – he will lead a group of nations against Isarel – many people feel it will include some European nations

King of the South – Egypt and a group of nations – Algeria, Lybia – Arab nations & North African nations

*the Egyptians do get saved when Jesus returns – Zech 14:16-19

*news from the north – Daniel 11:44 – this is the Russian coalition of nations – Ezekiel 38:1-5 

News from the East – Dan 11:44 & Rev 16:12-16 – this is the nation of China and a coalition of nations

Rev 9:13-21 ——- this is a part of the 6th Trumpet during the tribulation period

v13 – we are not sure whose voice this is

v14 – the 4 angels are fallen angels or demons

v15 – Gods plan is down to the minute and hour and cannot be changed or stopped

-one third of humanity is killed through this action

v16 – this is nuclear war/bombs/missiles/war

China and the Kings of the East are on the march toward Israel

vs17-19 this is Johns description of the army as he saw it in this vision

vs20-21 – these verses reveal the awful wickedness of humanity and the Lord’s continued love for them anyway


there is a 4-fold purpose for Israel

1. to bring light to unbelievers – to the nations of the world

2. to proclaim the one true and living God

3. to bring salvation to the world

4. to promote the Messiah who is Jewish

Terrorism is being raised up by the enemy in these last days to destroy Israel:

     a. countries like Iran – their belief that war and conflict bring back the Mahdi which gives them victory over Israel and all infidels

     b. Extreme Islam believes in a reward system that killing produces

     c. Extreme Islamic Terrorism want to have a global caliphate or Islamic state

The Lord will not allow terrorism to rule and destroy Israel

The nations of the world and the United States must remain on the side of Israel – Gen 12:3

Rev 14:14-20 – this is a picture of the nations of the world coming against the Lord…

vs14-15 – this is a picture of the Lord and the cloud is the glory of God…

this is the harvest of the unbeliever 

-ripe – means is dried up and withered showing no fruit

vs 19 – winepress – the Lord wrath is poured out upon the enemies of Israel and blood comes out from to the North to the South of Israel – and then He returns…