Racing Toward WWIII Part 4

Racing Toward WW3

(1) WW3 or the battle of Armageddon is fought @ the end of the tribulation period – Joel 3

Joel 3:9 – Prepare for war…Get ready for WW3…This is the Battle of Armageddon.  

*Why doesn’t the Lord give the nations a chance to turn to Him?  He does

Joel 2:1-2, 15…

Joel 3:12 – this is the battle of Armageddon

v13 – this is the harvest of judgment upon the nations of the world

v14 – Armageddon will happen.  It is time

v15 – the earth will grow dark all over the globe

v16 – the Lord returns — Matthew 24:29-31

v17 – only believers are left when Jesus Christ returns – Matt 24:36-42

-aliens are unbelievers

v18 – this is the millennium when Jesus rules and reigns

vs19-21 – there will always be a Jerusalem and Israel


v1 – behold – speaks of getting someone’s attention

the day comes – the day of the return of the Lord & WW3

     a. is coming – the Lord keeps His word

burning like an oven – when you burn something it turns black. Black on the earth will occur because of war

the proud and wicked – represents those who reject Jesus Christ

stubble/no root or branch — no hope of life springing forth again – this is the unbeliever

v2 – to those who are saved and born again, Jesus will come back

Sun of Righteousness – beams and rays of light to a dark world

like calves – will now be carefree/no responsibility/carefree

v3 – What a reversal?  The enemies of Israel will not prosper any longer

Zech 14:2-3,14,16 – the word nations

Daniel 11:40, 44  – King of the South…King of East…King of North

King of South – led by Egypt

-the Egyptians do get saved when Jesus returns – Zech 14:16-19

King of the North – Daniel 11:44

-this is the Russian confederacy

-Lybia, Iran, the stans of Russia, Syria, Turkey

Kings of the East – Rev 9:13-21 & Rev 16:12-16 & Daniel 11:44

kings – is plural speaking of the fact that China will lead many nations against Israel

Revelation 9:13-21 – this is a part of the 6th trumpet judgment

v13 – a voice comes forth that we cannot identify

v14 – these 4 angels are fallen angels or demons

v15 – the plan of the lord is ready to happen and it cannot be stopped or changed…

-one third of humanity is killed through this action

-one quarter of humanity has already been killed in Rev 6:8

v16 – how is humanity destroyed?  through war and nuclear war/bombs/missiles

-China and the Kings of the East – a 200 million man army converges on Israel

vs17-19 – this is the description of the arm. John is seeing into the 21st century

-the rest of mankind – the 42% that are left

vs20-21 – the wickedness of mankind is terrible, but the Lord’s plan will still be accomplished.