Racing Toward WWIII Part 3

WW3 or the Battle of Armageddon is the final conflict on earth between good and evil – Rev 12:7-12….

3 main characters in Rev 12 –  woman is Israel…Child is Jesus Christ…dragon is satan

v7 – a supernatural war is going on that is invisible

vs8-11 – 2 Points

1. the enemy never prevails over the Lord and His angels

2. satan and his fallen angels are cast down to earth forever and have no access to heaven

v12 – the heavens rejoice cause satan is gone

      – the earth receives a woe

satans wrath – means a fierce passion as if breathing hard

-he knows he has little time left

v13 – anti-semitism occurs which is the hatred of the Jewish people

v14 – The Lord intervenes

-the Lord takes Israel to a place of safety

-nourished – means He will supply all of our needs

v15 – water or flood – these are armies attacking Israel

v16 – the nations on the side of Israel help protect Israel

v17 – the devil is super angry and wants to kill Jewish people

-he drives the goats of the world toward Israel – Daniel 10:12-14

Rev 16:12-16

*there are 7 bowl or vial judgments that come upon the earth

*judgment – means to make a decision

-the Lord makes a decision based on peoples’ decision

Rev 16:1 – the voice of the Lord comes out from the Jewish temple directing His angels…to carry out His judgment…….

v12 – Bowl or vial judgment # 6 – Rev 16:12-16

v12 – the Euphrates River is dried up.

Kings of the East – a coalition of nations from Asia and the far East led by China

vs13-14 – 3 unclean spirits – demons – they look like frogs…

-these demon powers lead the nations of the world to WW3


Joel 3:1 – behold – speaks of getting someones attention

those days – refers to the end of the tribulation period

at that time – refers to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ

The Lord will do 2 things from Joel 3:1-2:

1. the Lord will restore the fortunes of Israel

-Israel will come into tremendous prosperity and blessings

-Joel 2:18-19, 21-25a

2. The Lord will gather Israels’ enemies to Armageddon

-the valley of Jehosophat is the valley of Jezebel or Megiddo

-vs2-3 the Lord will judge the nations at this time for their treatment of Israel

Examples:   v2 – the land of Israel was divided up

                    v3 – cast lots – treated the Jewish people as slaves and property

                    v3 – boys as harlots – young boys sold into homosexual behavior

                    v3 – Jewish girls sold into slavery and prostitution

vs4 – 8 – when you hurt and mistreat the people of the Lord, you are mistreating the Lord Himself

v9 – prepare for war – get  ready for WW3

why doesn’t the Lord give the nations of the world a chance to repent?  He does continually

Joel 2:1-2, 12-15

v12 – this is the battle of Armageddon

v13 – this is the harvest of judgment upon the nations of the world

v14 – the decision has been made and Armageddon will happen

v15 – the earth will grow dark all over the globe

v16- the Lord returns:

-His presence will light up the world

-His presence protects Israel

-His presence crushes Israels’ enemies

v17 – only believers are left when Jesus returns – Matthew 24:36-42

v18 – this is there millennium when Christ reigns and rules for 1,000 years

vs19-21 – there will always be an Israel and Jerusalem

v19 – Egypt and Syria