Proverbs 1:1-7

Proverbs – short statements of practical truths
-the Word of God is absolute truth

v1 – Proverbs – the word Proverb has 2 meanings:

1. To Rule – they are principles to govern and rule our lives

2. to be like – to help us become more like Jesus Christ

-to be like Jesus we will start hanging out with unbelievers…….

Solomon – the son of King David wrote most of the Proverbs around 950 B.C.. Other people contributed also

v2 – KNOW – means to be actively involved in your Christianity and spiritual life. It speaks of a spirit of giving which receives……

Solomon states that we are to know 2 things:

(1) To Know Wisdom —–
Knowing Wisdom Speaks of Two Things:

1. It is knowing wisdom who is Jesus Christ – Col 2:2-3

2. Knowing wisdom is having the ability to make right choices

a. we can all make right choices

b. we are totally responsible for the choices we make

c. Jesus gives us the power to make right choices and fulfill them

d. there are consequences for the choices we make
-our wrong choices affect a ton of people

-being saved does not always change the consequences for our wrong decisions

(2) To Know Instruction

Instruction is discipline. This speaks of 3 things:

1. a spanking from the Lord for wrong choices
-we never get away with our wrong choices

2. to keep ourselves under control
-we do not have to be disrespectful, lose our temper and yell

3. to live a disciplined Christian life

v2b – We must perceive the words of understanding

***This section of verse two speaks about discernment….

Discern – means to see through; penetrate; have great insight; the ability to make proper moral distinctions; to see the difference between good and evil/right from wrong

How do w know right from wrong?

***Our conscience – God created us with a conscience which is an inner sense of knowing right from wrong

***The Word of God

***Salvation – 2 Cor 4:4 – our eyes are opened and we can see what is truth…what is real

vs3,5 – Be Open To Receive

Receive – means to be teachable/be open to receive

-be open to receive wisdom, knowledge, justice (what the will of God is), judgment (what is reasonable and right)…equity (that which agrees with the Word of God)

-receive from Jesus Christ and human beings

-lets walk in humility and not in arrogance and conceit/listen to others/read books/listen more than talk/ attend conferences