Proverbs – are short statements of practical truth from the Lord

-Solomon is the author
-Proverbs has 2 main meetings:
*to rule or govern
*to be like

Principles From Proverbs

(1) BE TEACHABLE – vs 3,5

– We must be open to learn, grow and receive….

– We must remove arrogance and pride from our lives

How can we be teachable?
1. v3 – through being open to receive all of the Word of God
justice – what the will of God is
judgment – what is right
equity – that which agrees with the Word of God

***We need to be open to the Word of God about things we do know & amp; things we do not know…
2 Peter 1:12-15
2.v5b – through the testings and trials of life
– We all need wisdom and understanding to reveal to us what the Lord wants us to learn

– The trials of life that affect us are meant for us

– You cannot believe everything people say
– You cannot believe everything you hear

– You can only believe what Jesus and the Word of God states

– 1 John 2:26-27 – we are not at the mercy of anyone teaching us.
simple – means open ones
*Solomon was referring to the immature who are open to anything
How can we make sure we grow to the point where we are not gullible or easily influenced?

(1) We need knowledge – from the Word of God
– We must know the Word of God inside and out
(2) We need discretion – this is common sense and good judgment
– Much of Christianity is just common sense and good judgment


riddle – is a puzzling question or statement that must be worked out, studied and sifted through to fond an answer…

*Solomon was trying to say that there is an answer for every issue we have. But it takes time, effort and work to find an answer…
v7 – fear – means to have an awesome, respect and reverence for Jesus Christ
– Having a fear of the Lord opens our hearts to receive, to learn, to be corrected and to be instructed & teachable
– Fools – they are unbelievers and reject Jesus Christ
– Believers are not fools, but foolish

– Unbelievers are described as fools in he Bible