Proverbs 3

Proverbs – The word has 2 meanings:

(1) to rule or govern – the principles of God should rule and given our lives
(2) to be like – Proverbs was written to help us become more like Jesus Christ


v1a – My Son – refers to all born again believers

Do Not Forget –
-refers to not forgetting the Word of God

a. Do Not – speaks of not even beginning to go there
-do not let a seed of doubt enter into your heart

b. forget – means to ignore and disregard
-do not ignore the Bible

One Doubt: The Bible was written just by man – people…2 Peter 2:20-21

***Remember the Word of God***

Teaching speaks of 2 things:
*The word law speaks of teachings…The Word of God

1. Teachings means to throw and distribute
-we must only throw out and distribute the Word of God

-we must speak life

2. Teachings speak of doctrine
-The Word of God includes doctrine

v1b – Keep My Commands

keep – means to guard and watch over
-it speaks of bowing you will to a divine authority

commands – means OT & NT principles

-we must guard the Word to keep it in our lives…there are thieves who want to steal, kill and destroy

v2 – if we practice verse 1, we will receive 3 blessings:

1. LONG LIFE – means years of lives. We will live longer lives

2. LENGTH OF DAYS – the blessing of accomplishment. We will accomplish more on a daily basis

3. PEACE – rest, quiet, calmness, harmony
-peace of mind and peace in our hearts


*Mercy and Truth speak of Divine Favor

v3 – MERCY – is steadfast love, kindness and compassion
-it speaks of loving the Word of God

forsake – do not abandon loving the Bible – Be Into It

v3 – TRUTH -means faithfulness and firmness of the Word of God
-the Word works

v3b – tie it round your neck – people can see it. Do not preach a sermon. Be a sermon…

– get it into your heart and not into your head

v4 – If we place the Word into our heart and live it, we will receive favor

Favor – means kindness, grace and to receive great benefits and favor

High Esteem – is honor and respect

***Favor comes from people and the Lord – these are blessings from the Lord