Prayer – Our Father in Heaven


Matthew 6:9-13

definition of heaven – it speaks of a place that means to be lifted up or above.  So heaven is a place above planet earth.

There are 3 heavens:

Genesis 1:1 – heavens is plural which shows there is more than one heaven…

1st Heaven – this is the atmosphere above us that we can see with our eyes

*Psalm 147:4-5

2nd Heaven – Space and what we cannot see with our own eyes. Some planets, galaxies and stars…

3rd Heaven – 2 Corinthians 12:1-6

-where angels fly freely – Rev 8:13

-where believers go when they die – Phil 1:21

-where the throne of God is located – Revelation chapter 4

*The enemy is active in all 3 heavens – Job 1:6-7

*demons also attend church meetings and services – 2 Corinthians 11:15 & 1 Timothy 4:1 & Eph 6:10-18

principalities – are satans highest ranking rulers

powers – execute the will of the chief rulers

world rulers – over the nations of the world

spiritual wickedness – earthbound demons who do their work on earth

Revelation 12:1-12 – the enemy is thrown out of the 3rd heaven and has no access there any longer

Revelation Chapter 4

-The Father is on the Throne

v1 – after this – after the church age ends

-an open door in heaven – the lord wishes everyone to go to heaven

v2 – A THRONE SET IN HEAVEN – throne is the key word in Rev 4

-throne is used around 46 times in the book of Revelation

-is set – cannot be moved;set in like concrete;can’t be torn down or shaken

-this speaks of God being on the throne – Heb 12:1-3 – FOCUS…….

One Sat On The Throne – Jesus Christ

1. jasper – is clear as crystal

-this speaks of the light of God and His glory and presence

2. sardius or sardine  – is red in color like fire

-this speaks of God’s righteous wrath and judgment

3. rainbow – signifies a covenant with God

-this speaks of the promises of God

v4 – surrounding the throne is 24 elders and thrones – these are OT and NT believers

-12 tribes of Israel

-12 disciples or apostles

These 24 elders:

1. are wearing white – represents righteousness and purity

2. wears crowns – these are victor crowns and rewards for our service for the Lord while on earth

3. they sit on the throne – the believers will rule and reign with Jesus Christ forever

v5 – From The Throne

-lightnings, thunderings & voices – are storm signals concerning what is to come in the future

vs5b-6a – Before The Throne – 7 lamps of fire

7 is the number of God and represents the completeness of the Holy Spirit – Is 11:1-7

-the Holy Spirit is always associated with fire – to comfort, excite, purify, baptize with the Holy Spirit

v6a – a sea of glass like crystal

-this speaks of peace and a calm sea

v6b – living creatures – these are angelic beings to help believers

like a lion – represents strength

like a calf or ox – represents service

like a man – represents intelligence

like a flying eagle – represents swiftness

vs 7-11 – To The Throne – Rev 4:9-11

-Worship – to the one who is on the throne

(1) God is Worthy – He just deserves all of our praise, glory and honor

(2) How we praise depends on how well we know the One we praise

-Jesus is worthy, Creator, Holy, Lord and God