Prayer (2016) Deliver us from evil

Matthew 6:9-13

Deliver us from evil
v13 – deliver us from evil
deliver – means to break our chains/to snatch and pluck us from evil
us – refers to the born again believer
evil – it is translated evil one and speaks of preserving, guarding and keeping someone from someone or something…It means to pull down to one’s level
The word evil refers to 2 things:
(1) sin – called the worst of evils
(2) refers to the devil and his demonic forces
(1) Sin
a. we must all realize that ever believer does not have to sin any longer
-this happens at the time of redemption
b. the result of sin is always destructive and hurtful
-there is a break of fellowship with Jesus
c. watch who we hang out with – Luke 22:54-60
v55 – Peter sat down among them
       -connection vs communion
*connect with unbelievers
*commune with strong believers
(2) Demonic forces – the evil one
-we must realize that the enemy does exist – Eph 6:10-18
     There are 2 errors that exist about the evil one:
                1. to disbelieve in the existence of evil
-do not rationalize away his existence
-when something strikes out of the blue that no one can figure out what is going on
                2. To believe and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in demons
– not everything is a demon
-the devil can only be one place at a time
-most issues have to do with our own dumb decisions
Remember something about the enemy:
The enemy is an opportunity taker – Eph 4:27
-do not give the enemy any opportunity against you.  How can we do this and be delivered from the evil one?
(1) WATCH YOUR MOUTH – Prov 18:21
-your words can bring defeat to your life and open a door for the enemy to roar in
-yes we need to tell the truth, but we also must speak
(2) SPEAK – Matthew 4:1-13
-the Lord speaks, the enemy speaks and we must speak
-speak out to the enemy
-speak authority/speak the Word of God/speak outlaid
(3) GET IN POSITION – Eph 1:3
-we must be in the right position spiritually
-we must know the difference between our DO and our WHO
-we fight the enemy from a position of victory….