Paul prays for the Philippian church because he knew that God answers prayer
***What did Paul pray for?
Paul prayed for the Philippians’ lives and lips – Phil 1:7-11
v7 – the confirmation of the gospel – means to establish people which produces stability and spiritual growth
-this is bringing spiritual maturity and discipleship to believers
*Paul prays that the lives of the Philipopians would be different
excellent – means to do what is best so people would see the difference in us as believers
—believers are to be different in that we are to be pure and blameless
Pure – means to be an unmixed substance/distinct and speaks of moral purity
-an example of this in the Bible is Joseph
-we need to take a stand for purity just like Joseph did
blameless – means not to cause anyone to stumble
-it refers to people not seeing any faults in you
          How do believers remain pure and blameless?
v11 – by being filled with the fruits of righteousness
being filled – means having been filled and continuing to be filled
-when we are full of the Lord, nothing else can enter into us
-we are filled with the fruits of righteousness by spending time with Jesus every day.  This is a personal responsibilty and not a church responsibility
-being filed with the fruits of righteousness proves we are saved
-Matthew 7:15-23 and 1 John 1:6
-Being filled with the fruits of righteousness changes our lives and words
1. we need to make sure we are not speaking the devil’s language
-we have power over the devils language – 2 Cor 10:4-5
-think about the words we are thinking about saying
2. Speak Life – speak words that build up and encourage
Genesis 1:1-5 – there is a mess on earth…confusion, death, darkness & chaos
-God speaks life into the situation and everything changes