Philippians 1:6-9

v7b – partners
-the Philippian church were partners with Paul in spreading the gospel

-Partnering with Paul was 2-fold:
-the defense of the gospel
-the confirmation of the gospel

Defense of the gospel – is a judicial term referring to giving a verbal defense

Confirmation of the gospel – means to make stable and to be established

Knowing the Bible is right and people are becoming disciples will cause us to pray……..v9

***The word prayer refers to 3 things:

1. the direction of our prayers – which is to Jesus Christ personally
2. the word prayer speaks of specific prayer
3. the word prayer speaks of continual prayer
-v4 – always pray

***Paul prays that the love of the Philippians church would abound

Abound – means to overflow…to be abundant and continually advance
*** He is the God of MORE…

-we acquire more of God’s love through abiding in the Lord daily
*love is ther fruit of the Holy Spirit

The love of God is:
UNCONDITIONAL……Romans 8:35-38

-God loves everyone no matter what……..they do, say or how they behave…

-the unconditional love of God is unreasonable
-it’s hard to believe Jesus would die for the ungodly and those who hated Him

-the unconditional love of God never changes
-it is always with us and we have all of God’s love all of the time