Philippians (2016) Principles From Paul

Philippians 4
Principles From Paul

(1) WIN SOULS – win people to Jesus Christ

my joy and my crown – this refers people won to Christ through the ministry of Paul

Joy – there is no greater joy than to win someone to Jesus and be used by the Lord – eternal value

Crown – these are rewards we receive for soul winning

-this is standing firm at all times
-this is being true to the values and teachings of the Bible and to our profession of Jesus Christ

A. Stand firm against the enemy
-this refers to a soldier standing firm in the battle with the enemy swarming around him

-the enemy is swarming all around us today”
demon oppression of all kinds – use your authority in Christ – talk to them in Jesus name

demon talk – the issues of the culture

v5 – our talk must be gentle, kind and gracious at all times

B. Stand firm against division – vs2-3

2 women in v2 were causing problems and division

implore – means to beg, exhort, please

be if the same mind – have the same thoughts

-Paul asked someone to help out with this situation
-true companion – means to pull in the same way and direction

How does a church remain unified?

-through a person and a purpose

***Person – is Jesus Christ and who He is

***Purpose – the Great Commission – Matt 28:18-20

v4 – Rejoice – means to have an inward joy that brings us strength/to be glad

Why should we rejoice in the Lord?

(1) Because of God’s character and nature – who He is

-the Lord never changes no matter what we are going through

(2) Because we are in the hands of the Lord
-as long as we stay right with Him

v6 – Don’t Worry – Be Happy

-Being a Christian in the days of Paul gave people a reason to worry because you would either be killed or persecuted for your faith in Jesus at that time…

anxious – means to be pulled in different directions
-most things we worry about do not even occur – it is not reality

What can we do to defeat worry?

-prayer and supplication – pray away the worry

-Praise focuses us on to the Lord
-Praise puts God to work

-speak faith – Mark 11:22-24

Prayer + Praise + Faith = PEACE

peace – the tranquility, calm and rest of the Lord in a believers life

keep – is a military term keeping worry from entering your mind and heart