Philippians 4 Choose Peace

-Chapter 4 of Philippians is called the peace chapter – Phil 4:6-9
(1) PEACE CAN INCREASE – Romans 14:17
-peace can grow because it is a fruit of the Holy Spirit – Galatians 5:22-23
          a.) the moment we are saved we are placed into the kingdom of God – Romans 14:17
          b.) the moment we are saved we receive every spiritual blessing from Jesus – Ephesians 1:1-7 (v5)
adoption – means to receive an adult standing in the family
                    *this allows each believer to receive their inheritance immediately
                    *we receive peace immediately at salvation
(1.) Work out our salvation with fear & trembling – v12
Work Out – this refers to spending time with Jesus every day and not being saved
-we are not saved by works – Ephesians 2:8-9
                a. Working out is continual – Lev 6:8-13
work out – means to continually work to bring something to completion
-this is daily and not a one time event
                b. Working out is not a church thing
-it is spending time with Jesus every day
-work out your own salvation – examine yourself & don’t criticize others
                c. Working out is a sacrifice – v12
Dear Friends – NLT – this is plural and refers to every believer
-this word is associated with sacrifice
-sacrifice means to kill
-we have to deny ourselves and kill what we want to grow and spend time with Jesus Christ every day
                 d. Working out is with fear & trembling
-there is no easy way to grow and mature.  It is work……
-fear & trembling – speaks of being concerned about falling away from Jesus
-it is a command to spend time with Jesus every day – Jn 15:4/Gal 5:16.  I am going to obey the Lord by spending time with Him every day
                   e. Working out is a partnership between each believer and the Lord
The Believer – v12
-it is each believers responsibility to grow personally and get strong spiritually
-your spiritual growth is not the churches responsibility
-we work out our salvation by reading the Word daily, praying, Christian fellowship &  having praise and worship time
The Lord – v13
***Salvation from start to finish is the Work of God
-the Lord works in us – means gives us the energy to grow and move forward
-to will – means to promote the desire
  *the Lord gives us the hunger to follow Him and spend time with Him daily
  *it’s all about the Lord