Confident – means to be settled & fully persuaded/to be completely sure & relied upon
-this confidence enters into us @ salvation and grows through intimacy
-intimacy produces identity
-this is not self-confidence, but God confidence
***OUR CONFIDENCE IS IN THE LORD – Phil 1:6…Jeremiah 17:7 & Prov 3:26
Phil 1:6 – He is Jesus Christ
-confidence speaks of believing in one’s power and abilities
-Jesus Christ is on the throne – Hebrews 4:16
-the throne speaks of 2 things:
            1. ACCEPTANCE  – the Lord accepts everyone
            2. ACCESS – we all have access to the Lord at any time and any place
-freedom of speech – confident refers “to being open”
-do not throw away your confidence – Henrews 10:35-36
-there is no one else to turn to – John 6:67-69
              Philippians 1:6
confident – totally sure and settled in the ability of Jesus Chist
He – this is Jesus Christ
who began a good work
-this is the act of redemption
-all from the Lord
a good work – a valuable, beneficial and prosperous work
complete it – the Lord will get the job done
-no matter what is going on
***The work will be completed in 2 ways:
1. When we die and go to heaven
2. When we go in the rapture
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
RIGHTEOUS – being righteous makes us prepared and ready for the rapture
-we go in the rapture because of the grace of our Lord