Philippians (2016) The Lord is Near

Philippians 4:5
The Lord is Near…..

(1) The Lord is coming back – v5

-it is a for sure thing and no one can stop the return of the Lord

-Jesus keeps His word – Joel 2:1-2…Zech 14:1-3…John 14:1-3…Rev 1:7

-Do not listen to the Mockers

(2) There are signs which point to the return of the Lord –

1. 1 Peter 3:10-13 – an increase of nuclear weapons

2. population growth – Matthew 24:37

3. The rise of worldwide lawlessness – Matthew 24:12

4. Technology will control most of the world – Rev 13:16-18

5. The greatest revival is history will occur – Acts 2:17

6. False Christ and false prophets will arise – Phil 3:16-19

v16 – rule – go by the standard set in the Bible
walk – marching together in the same direction

v17 – pattern – means model or example
mark them – take notes and put the on the niice list

v18 – enemies of the cross – these are false workers
-they profess Christ, but do not possess Him

v19 – end – means fate and eternal destiny

(2) Jesus is coming from heaven – Phil 3:20

-Jesus the Messiah is not on earth, but is returning from heaven

-He is Jewish

-He will have a huge group with Him when He returns

(3) The Rapture of the Church is Coming – Phil 3:21

OUR – all born again believers are going in the rapture

-the rapture is not determined by works

transform or change – our bodies will be changed in the twinkling of an eye

according to the working – according to the resurrection power of Jesus Christ

-that subdues all things to Himself – Jesus will arrange everything in the universe to make sure His plans are fulfilled