Philippians (2016) The attitude of Christ

Philippians 2:1-11

The Attitude of Jesus Christ – Phil 2:1-5
The Deity of Jesus Christ – vs6-8
The Exaltation of Jesus Christ – vs9-11
(1) THE ATTITUDE OF JESUS CHRIST – Phil 2:1-5 (v5)
attitude – is an inside feeling that is revealed on the outside
            a. an attitude can be changed by an act of the will
-there are some things that we cannot change
-but we can change our attitude
          b. your attitude determines your altitude
-how far we all go with the Lord is determined by our attitude
-fulfilling our destiny is determined by our attitude
-people can see and the Lord can see your attitude
         c. we can always have a great attitude:
*by recognizing we are starting to get a bad attitude and we must repent and change it
*by staying filled with the Holy Spirit
                —one way this happens is through praise – Isaiah 61:1-5
(2) THE DEITY OF JESUS CHRIST – Philippians 2:6-8
-Jesus Christ is God
-these verses are called the Kenosis of Christ – it means to empty
-Jesus emptied Himself of His glory, selfish ambition & being self centered
-Jesus Christ was all God and all man – no one else can claim this
Examples:  Mark 2:1-12 & John 8:58
-the culture is messed up in its thinking about Jesus – 2 Corinthians 11:3-4
(2) THE EXALTATION OF JESUS CHRIST – Philippians 2:9-11
          a. the exaltation of Jesus fulfilled the plan of redemption – vs9-11 – Eph 4:7-10
*only through Jesus Christ can we be redeemed – GIVEN HIM – this speaks of only through Jesus Christ…………..
*Jesus was exalted because of His attitude of submission
           b. The Exaltation of Jesus Christ gave Him a name that is above all names —-
highly exalted – means to exalt to the highest rank and power & to raise to supreme majesty
THE NAME – it speaks of the name and what is possesses – its authority, power and holiness…
-everyone in heaven, on earth and in hell will confess and bow to this name………..EVERY KNEE will bow and confess – publicly declare…