Philippians (2016) 3 Be’s

3 Be’s

1. BE ware of dogs – Philippians 3:2

*not real dogs, but people sharing false teaching and weird doctrine

Beware – means to observe continually and then avoid…to look out….to watch out

a. these dogs had not arrived yet, but could come to Philippi at any moment

b. calling anyone a dog at the time of Jesus was the lowest name someone could be called

c. these dogs (people) barked out false doctrine, were unsaved and unclean

Who can these dogs influence and bite? Eph 4:11-15
-those who are newly saved or carnal in their walk

What are some dog-doctrines around in 2016?

(1) The overemphasis on prosperity
-the Lord wants to bless, but prosperity is not the goal of Christianity
-the poor will always be with us

(2) Hyper Grace Teaching
-antinomianism – anything goes
-Phil 1:27-30 – our conduct matters and is a reflection on Jesus

(3) The Deification of Man
-false teaching starts with man – make a better you…Its all about me and self esteem
-Christianity is all about God
-Man is sinful and rotten

(4) Challenging the Authority of the Word of God
-the satan challenge – Gen 2:16 & 3:1-6

(5) The Deemphasis of hell
-hell is just symbolic
-the Lord never sends people there

2. Be close to the Lord – Phil 3:10

to know Him – this is Jesus Christ

know – means a personal experience and knowledge
-an intimate and close relationship and fellowship with Jesus Christ

a. it is the act of redemption
b. it is growing into a richer and richer experience in Christ

Paul said that we need to know Jesus Christ – Psalm 42:1

a. when you know Him you will change your mind about Him

b. when you know Him you won’t care if He ever does anything for you or not
-the Lord automatically blesses His kids – Matt 6:33

***Once you know Jesus, you will also know:

(1) the power of His resurrection

-power – dynamos miraculous power
*power that overcomes sin, that performs miracles

(2) the fellowship of His sufferings
suffering – means a painful experience for the cause of Christ
-this is persecution

(3) you will be conformed to Him
-we will be fashioned and shaped like Him as we draw close to Him

3. Be involved in the process – 3:12-16

Christianity is am immediate faith – redemption
Christianity is a process faith – growing & discipleship

Let us mature as believers and understand some things – v15

(1) no believer or person is perfect

(2) Every person has a past – don’t hold it against them

(3) Some people stumble their way to heaven

(4) Only examine yourself