Chapter One
The I Am Statements of Paul
1. I Am In Christ – v1
2. I Am Thankful – v3
3. I Am Praying – v4
—Being in Christ is our position in Christ
—we receive this position immediately at salvation – not based on works or behavior
—Romans 7:15 – Paul is an example of this
—Whatever Jesus is we are when it comes to who we are in Christ
***Jesus is victorious and so we are victorious
              2 ENEMIES – Revelation 12:9-11
-beware of the devil & his demons who accuse us continually
-we overcome through the blood of Jesus and our declarations
-declare who God says that you are
(2.) I AM THANKFUL – v3
                a.) 1 Thessalonians 5:18 – Be Thankful in Everything
-everything means whole
-Paul was thankful for everything the Lord was doing in his life through everything that happened to him
               b.) Being thankful is the will of God
-we must stay right with the Lord – Phil 2:14
                c.) NEVER FORGET – REMEMBER
-everything means the whole
-Revive your memory……..Rehearse what the Lord has done for you
Psalm 77:10-15, 16-20 (Israel was delivered from Egypt & the Red Sea)
(3.) I AM PRAYING – v4
-being thankful increases your prayer life
-Always Pray
-do not be a Cheetah Christian – always pray – Genesis 32:22-31
-we give up because we cannot see the effects of our prayers
-when we pray something always happens – in the spirit realm – Rev 5:8 & 8:4-5
-when we pray, we fill the prayer bowls in heaven….the bowls are tipped over in the Lord’s timing and we receive the answers to our prayers….