-Philippians chapter 4 is called the peace chapter
-DECLARE: I Choose Peace
(1.) PEACE IS A CHOICE – John 15:16 and Eph 2:13-22
          (a.) The Lord made His choice
-the Lord wants every human being to experience peace
-the Lord did everything possible for humanity to be able to have peace
         (b.) Believers need to make their choice
-believers can choose to live in peace or be ruled by anxiety and fear
(2.) PEACE IS A PROMISE – Phil 4:6-7
-the promise of peace is for everyone who is a born again believer
***THE PROMISE – the peace of God will rule your heart and mind
guard – is a military term speaking of guarding against all enemies
-the Lord pushes away all anxiety and fear.  He fights our battles…
-Living in peace does not eliminate feeling anxiety and fear, But DO IT AFRAID..
-keep moving forward, and do it afraid……..
(3.) KNOW YOUR ENEMY – John 10:10
-the enemy is satan and his demons – hey exist and are real
-keep the enemy under your feet by WATCHING OUR MOUTHS…Is 50:4
   *** watch out what we say and declare – words produce life or death
-the enemy places wrong thoughts in our minds – REMEMBER – Fear is Faith in what the Enemy Says
-the enemy tries to wear us down and out, but we can declare the Word and defeat the enemy.
***our words are a weapon – the sword of the Spirit – use the sword against the enemy